@Gargron I strongly disagree. Putting aside the fact that people can change when exposed to alternative ideas etc, it's a deep overall public good for culture for the #fediverse to replace these closed silos and the moderation tools are good enough to handle the trolls. Also, when people/accounts of authority come out as anti extremists, most people who read that will not understand the tech enough to know that this doesn't mean the platform won't actually try to control their speech.

@editor @Gargron I agree with @wjmaggos on this. The reason Voat/Gab/et. al are so extreme is they only contain people pushed off other platforms. Reddit use to have a mix of ideas, with threads swaying wildly between different types of ideas. Now they've banned everything to be advertiser friendly and they are few dissenting opinions. It's this mix of views that helps us grow. All of us are wrong about something. Banning is not the answer. We need more honest and real discussions.

@djsumdog @Gargron @wjmaggos Nobody is banning anything. I could set up a Klu Klux Klan instance right now. (To be clear, I would not.) Hell, @Gargron couldn't ban anyone if he wanted to. Can he keep Nazis off of Mastodon.social? Yes. Can he shut down Mobile.co? Nope!

@djsumdog @Gargron
I made friends with folks on mobile.co but then they closed themselves off to all other instances. I complained and they said they might accommodate me or something but nothing yet. The admin seemed very grifter-esque from the beginning, but based on my response from some people on there, I think I was having a positive effect. Sad.

@editor @Gargron @wjmaggos Well of course not, but he still doesn't like the idea of his software being used for opinions he doesn't agree with. That is the cost of open source though; and we have to acknowledge we could be wrong

The Fediverse is pretty fragmented though. I'm a fairly strong centrist and advocate of non-violence, and that's gotten be silenced/blocked from many instances. I always try to be nice and reasonable, but some don't want any dissenting though. People like to "otherize"

@djsumdog @Gargron @wjmaggos I'm not sure what you're saying in your first paragraph. I think he's fully aware of the fact that one "cost" of working on open-source software is that anyone can use it, friend or foe. He's saying, "I'd prefer Nazis not use Mastodon," but he has no power to enforce it.

@wjmaggos @Gargron If I manufactured pencils, I'd hope that objectionable people wouldn't use them to create objectionable works, but I'd never actually be able to control that. That doesn't mean I have to pretend to be objective and open to all views. Humans have opinions, and it's probably better for all involved if they're expressed. I for one don't consider it a loss that neo-Nazis are put off of Mastodon. But there are already instances supporting their agenda, anyway. That's FOSS for you!

@editor ok but pencils are a bad analogy and I'm not sure there is a good one. It's more like coming up with democracy, free speech and a way to build islands...and then saying "I'd prefer you assholes don't do that. Stick to the dictatorships you grew up in. It would be so much better to have everyone living that way but too many of you jerks might become pirates and we don't want to spend any more money on a navy."

But I don't want to silence @Gargron either.

@wjmaggos @Gargron Your last line is critical. He develops software that anyone can use, even his mortal enemy, let's say. Does he have to stifle, suppress, hide his opinion in the name of absolute inclusivity? By developing FOSS, he's done more than most of us to be inclusive. But if he doesn't like Nazis, or doesn't like strawberry milk, I think he's entitled to say so.

@Gargron couldn't agree more. I hope that's obvious from the grand human achievements I compared this service to!

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