@Gargron Is there a way to un-expire an invite link? I 'baked in' a link into my video, not realizing it would stop working. Help!

@editor Yes, there is, but it'll take direct database or console access. Can you run "rails c" in your setup?

@Gargron No. I will see if I can ask @mastohost for help. Though I've been a pain in the butt already, they've been great!

@editor @Gargron I can "rails c" for you but what command should I run?
I can also issue a direct update to the database, if I null the 'expires_at' database field will that make remove the expiration date?

@mastohost @editor Yeah, that's it. Gotta do it for the right invite code!

@mastohost @Gargron You both are amazing! It's this one: Can you make it infinite uses, no expiration?

@editor It's done, G6TUSKui has infinite number of uses and no expiration date.


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