‪Before the web, I was publishing news on GOPHER and USENET. My first web page was an HTML presentation of the alt.culture.hawaii FAQ. I remember being excited by the launch of Mosaic in 1993, which was hot stuff... until Netscape 1.1N.

@editor Did you know that Pleroma contains a gopher portal? You can, in 2019, access the fediverse using gopher!

@Miredly That's pretty cool! The reason I jumped ship to Netscape 1.1N was its USENET reader. I think some of my posts are still out there, too!

@editor Occasionally I tease my younger coworkers like: "Well I was there BEFORE Stack Overflow". But this is out of my league ;)

@jacek Yes! Back when the only way to learn was the hard way! My kids just marveled at a cassette tape and remain amused at physical media in general. Every generation goes obsolete faster and faster!

My great-granddad was even before a calculator (or so I think)

@editor Ahhh good old Netscape Navigator. How I do miss thee!

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