Facebook is down. Now is probably a good time to do a little evangelizing!

@editor I wonder how much productivity increases while FB is down...

@Eris I think it's canceled out by people trying to find another platform besides Facebook where they can complain about Facebook.

@editor: Knowing that the fediverse is still up, even when Facebook is down, fills you with DETERMINATION. :underheart:

@alicerunsonfedora It's perfect. An instance may go down, but not the . "Gee, Facebook going down is making headlines and causing stress and anxiety? It's almost as if building entire industries, as well as billions of family and social groups, on one massive privately owned platform MIGHT be a bad idea?"

@editor Thanks for saying it. I thought I was the only one who couldon't write to my account.

@Laura_H93 It makes you want to post, 'Anybody else having trouble posting to Facebook?' on Facebook. Heh.

@editor There are some accounts that can write but others can't yet.

I love mastodon but it's not a replacement for facebook, it's more like twitter. #hubzilla is the facebook alternative we should recommend to people instead

@BadAtNames I looked at but it still seemed early stage, with most resources focused on development and installation rather than practical applications. is big enough that one can sense the community in the shadows when signing up. But like and and , the more the merrier!

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