Hate is profitable. Massive platforms "optimize for engagement," with algorithmic recommendations for every bit of content or action, from "you might also like" to prioritizing things that will get you to click, comment, share. They won't fix it. It's working just fine for them.

@editor I agree. But maybe that's why Mastodon can seem boring to newcomers and so many people abandon their accounts after a short while. I don't think Mastodon should make any massive changes in this regard though because right now it is less toxic than other platforms and that takes a lot of skilled design. It is up to the users of Mastodon to 'fill in the blanks' that they are used to having filled in for them on other platforms. And new users will probably find it difficult at first

@dublinux Discovery is hard, and frankly, "recommended for you" is impossible to do objectively. Which is to say, any algorithm dedicated to helping you find interesting things will have a bias, an agenda, an intention. I think the Member Directory in Mastodon is a fair start, though the hard "minimum ten followers" threshold is doubly an impediment to new users. @Gargron, thoughts?

@editor Yeah learning how to find stuff in Mastodon is hard. Once you get to know a few people it is much easier because then when you #AskFedi or #AskTheFediverse your'e much more likely to get an answer. I suspect the directory rule is to hinder bots and sabotage. You could also do a search for #FF i.e. Follow Friday . The nuances of the #Mastodon interface can only be learned through usage and the inevitable mistakes. #Navigate #Kubernetes

@dublinux For sure the "minimum followers to be listed in the directory" feature is to prevent spam and abuse. But lots of instances are closed or invite-only communities. It would be nice to have the option to let everyone get listed, if you have a community of trusted members. Thoughts, @Gargron?

@editor Yeah you have a point; some people only want three or four trusted followers or none whatsoever and should be able to get listed if they want. Perhaps as you are hinting after a wait of 3 or 4 days the restriction should be lifted from new users. To be honest with you I suspect Gargron is snowed under with work putting in features so who knows when we might see this.

@editor @dublinux @Gargron minimum should be default ten but admin option, ie admins should be able to set it to 1 or 5 or 10 or 100, whatever is appropriate for their instance.

It's something I've thought for a while, but it's become more obvious in recent days. People have fantastical fears about #AI enslaving us or turning the universe into paperclips, but the real damage is already being done. Youtube benefits from people falling down rabbit holes. Facebook benefits from you giving opinions to inform advertisers. Twitter benefits from you getting stuck in endless arguments.

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