Expanded perhaps excessively on my earlier toot. "Hate is profitable. Conflict is profitable. Schadenfreude and shame are profitable. While we smugly point fingers, tsk-tsk, and think we’re being clever as we strategically dole out likes and shares, we forget that we are all just hamsters running on wheels deep inside giant, hyper-engineered, artificially intelligent, fully gamified, corporate-controlled virtual worlds that we absurdly think belong to us."

@editor That seems well said. I've never used fb or twitter. Do you think that applies to masto/pleroma and friends too?
I don't see it, but i can easily 'turn off' anyone i find to be mean or hateful by muting or blocking them. I only ever see ppl i think are nice - and they only boost the same.

@gemlog No, the fediverse doesn't suffer from these problems.
1. Strict chronological feed, not an algorithmic feed.
2. A constellation of federated servers, not one giant central server, meaning no single dominant entity.
3. Average instance sizes of fewer than a few dozen users. It's a lot easier to clean house when you're dealing with a few tenants rather than a stadium full.
4. No native advertising or user tracking. Capitalism is not the model that drives most servers, idealism is.

@editor I only look at my home timeline. I never follow more than 75 ppl, because that's all the time I hve to read. It's not only their posts, but those they boost as well.
If anyone gets up my nose, I simply mute and/or block them. I think it's a good system.
I block one entire instance; I don't care that it exists, i just don't want to be bothered by it - and i can do that. As you say, no ads or tracking, it's beautiful.

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