Was in the middle of a lament over the two week wait for to return when a promo for season two of came on. Blessed be!

@editor So far I have not seen a single episode of GOT. Same can be said of the Harry Potter movies and books for me.

@editor I am out to date on watching Barry on HBO and Brooklyn Nine-Nine now on NBC but somehow I missed the whole season of Archer Danger Island. Thank goodness for Hulu.

@scrivener A solid reset of the chessboard. I was worried about a shift in tone or character with a different showrunner but so far I'm hopeful. You?

@editor I've only seen a few early episodes and then the new premiere so I'm totally undecided about any of it, but this episode was gleefully horrifying. I might have to go back to season one and start anew.

@scrivener The full first season is worth watching, some great characters come and go with satisfying arcs. And I think you'll better appreciate the electricity between Eve and Villanelle.

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