Wading into Wikipedia editing again after more than a decade away. Hearing lots of backlash about backbiting and insider fighting, but hoping to stay off the radar as I sharpen my skills.

@editor The insider bickering has been a constant through the years. Wikipedia manages to keep going (and keep getting better) because of its editors. It's anarchy the way I always imagined our lives could be.

@scrivener The most interesting part of the criciticisms is how a calcified, bureaucratic, byzantine, opaque to newcomers governance structure has ultimately recreated itself inside an organization intended to be more open if not anarchic.

@editor Oh yeah, that. I...try to pretend it's not happening.

@scrivener Me too. I'm sure I'll stumble into someone's article territory soon enough! There's always starting my own wiki if it comes to that. What articles do you edit and watch?

@editor Mostly music and juvenile fiction articles, 'though I've been a little cold lately (last edit in January). I was one of those bot operators correcting particular peeves of mine ("passed away" instead of "died" per WP:EUPHEMISM) but that one's been scrubbed out now. :)

@scrivener I hear you. I caught a few misspellings of Hawaiian (as Hawaiin) and a couple of it's/its, but people are pretty on it for typos like that. I did create one new article, and against all odds, it's still standing five days later. New article mortality is very very high.

@scrivener Ryanozawa, as I signed up before I knew any better. I have a pending request to change. You?

@editor Mitchell_k_dwyer mostly for the same reason. :)

@editor Wow you weren't kidding. 12 years since your last registered edit.

@scrivener Well, five edits in 2007, a 12 year gap, and 45 edits since May of this year! Only been reverted a couple of times, so feeling good about that.

@editor The draft review takes months. I've written a script to tag the pages by WikiProject tags, which could possibly help to streamline the review procedure. and

@gry I didn't even know about the process when I created my first page. So far it's been left standing. I definitively focus more on pages that are flagged as needed editing on the community portal.

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