Trying to wean myself off of Chrome, and liking Brave. From the creator of JavaScript, it's fast, private, and supports Basic Attention Token (BAT) for blockchain-based micropayment tipping for creators. Try it!

@editor However, Brave's co-founder is a massive LGBTQ bigot who fought to oppose same-sex marriage in CA. They also trade out ads for their own, and sell an advertising service in which they claim "we know where users go"

@editor On my own site, and I know Switching.Social as well don't recommend Brave.

Switching.Social has this in their FAQ

@danarel Very interesting. Hadn't come across these objections. I knew they ran their own ads. Will have to look into the other connections!

@editor This is a good reminder as I’ve meant to get off Chrome myself. How long have you been using Brave and how does it compare to Firefox and Safari as a Chrome replacement (privacy aside)?

@mark I've always found Firefox to feel heavy and slow, I try it every other year or so and just can't get into it. Since it's based on Chromium, it feels like Chrome, which is a good thing. I like Safari but most extensions are written for Chrome (which Brave supports).

@editor @mark On my work laptop I always used Firefox and it felt very fast. But because of Enterprise settings the company set, I was very annoyed and switched to Vivaldi. Vivaldi is Chromium based too. But it feels slower than Firefox. Vivaldi is probably a better alternative if you want to stay with Chromium but want to avoid Google.

@jlelse @mark My sense that Firefox is heavy is likely purely psychological. Maybe it's the UI, the chrome around the window... purely subjective. Vivaldi looks interesting, but no iOS or Android versions? I like Brave for being on all platforms with a Chromium base (supporting Chrome extensions) plus an account-less bookmark syncing feature.

@editor I agree with what you said about both Firefox and Safari. After all I’ve seen and read on Brave, plus your feedback, I think I’ll finally give Brave a try. Thanks!

@editor I've been using Brave for a year or so now. I really prefer it to Firefox or Chrome.
I get what they are saying over on but I haven't heard anything real argument other than the co-founder and where their funding comes from. Nothing about the browser it self for now. If/when that changes I'll be back on Firefox or I'll try Vivaldi if they get mobile

@editor I take that back. Vivaldi doesn't block ads and tracking... that's unfortunate

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