@dansup @editor @mastodonusercount Not new users, mind you, those were their old user numbers ported over.

@Gargron @dansup @editor @mastodonusercount According to @freemo Gab has been creating impersonation accounts of populae fediverse users.

The cloned users are a smaller set and likely unrelated. I noticed today many users cloned from actual fediverse users, including myself, already complete with followers and everything. Then I started getting follows from people I already followed, but from GAB. Did some checking and like me most of those people didnt open the accounts either. Thats all I know, but I dont think the clones are the bulk of the million.

@Gargron @dansup @editor @mastodonusercount

@freemo @mastodonusercount @editor @dansup @Gargron @ZacharyHerold this isn't the first time they've cloned the users that they couldn't attract in the first place. old gag was populated by many twitter clones, to simulate activity in absence of actual celebrity/popular content on gag

@Gargron @dansup @editor @mastodonusercount Any information yet on how many active users the Gab instance has?

@ZacharyHerold @Gargron @dansup @editor @mastodonusercount the funny thing is they literally hid any numbers that could indicate activity -- not just the HYAU and MAU counts, but also removing trends entirely because it looked bad to see only "20 people talking" about a certain hashtag.

based on the rate at which new posts are being created, however, it's estimated that gab is about 92x less active per-user than freespeechextremist. so a lot of those users must be inactive.

@editor @mastodonusercount we're getting actively tracked in the US. Protest content is getting removed. People are being taught how to hide themselves

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