Anyone really into Many people I follow are really into it, but I'm not sure I understand the draw.

@editor it's cute but how do you expect to make any money off that?

@scrivener They're making money, so good for them. Just can't figure out the appeal over existing open source platforms.

@editor I know. I was quoting someone on another platform. :)

@editor @scrivener

Because there's no corollary other than perhaps Friendica or Diaspora (the latter of which is linked to the Fediverse as it doesn't run OSatus or ActivityPub).

Micro.Blog affords the user full length podcasts, blogs w/o being limited to a measly Character count of 500 chars. This of can be gotten around by boosting posts and videos from other ActivityPub servers (, ), but you typically can't mix video and blogs inline for one article (easily).

@editor I like the idea of it. I really liked content creation there.

I don't know why my profile is following an @editor by itself.

@editor Everything on Twitter is microblogging. It is all about speaking the most with the least number of words.

@curiousowl I understand that. But I'm asking specifically about the platform. Details at that domain.

@editor It’s a microblogging service, so the draw is the same as Pleroma, Mastodon, etc.

@editor Mine is not a microblog, but a full fledged news website.

@editor Never heard of before. I would ask you questions about it but sounds like you are learning yourself. Now you've prompted me to go learn about it!

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