Anyone really into Many people I follow are really into it, but I'm not sure I understand the draw.

@editor it's cute but how do you expect to make any money off that?

@scrivener They're making money, so good for them. Just can't figure out the appeal over existing open source platforms.

@editor I know. I was quoting someone on another platform. :)

@editor I like the idea of it. I really liked content creation there.

I don't know why my profile is following an @editor by itself.

@editor Everything on Twitter is microblogging. It is all about speaking the most with the least number of words.

@curiousowl I understand that. But I'm asking specifically about the platform. Details at that domain.

@editor It’s a microblogging service, so the draw is the same as Pleroma, Mastodon, etc.

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