I love discovering, promoting, and attending local startup and STEM events (and hackathons and geek meetups and...). I spent so much time tracking and sorting them, I decided I might as well build a site to share them. Check out and please help spread the word (and add your own events) if you like it!

@editor Thanks for the event tracker; what software powers this site?? I would be happy to find a replacement for eventbrite that is so popular in our local area...

@gry It's just WordPress and The Event Calendar plug-in. There are premium add ones to sell tickets which would make it a more robust Eventbrite replacement. But I'd take Eventbrite over Evite any day!

@editor This is fantastic! I don't live in Hawaii but can see how helpful this could be to other areas. And you can even set it up so that it lists not only local events but those globally which are accessible for anyone online. Thanks for sharing!

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