Protest at the White House for Rojava and the Kurds and their allies in the Middle East during Erdogan's visit.

Helped my friend launch a brand new podcast focused on and , inspired by Ted Dintersmith's and ! Teachers and educators, check it out!

‪It's always a good week if I can spend some time in Hilo. While attending the Hawaii Island REALTORS General Membership Meeting, I got to visit some iconic spots, like Rainbow Falls.

This past weekend was the 17th annual Spam Jam, a huge street festival celebrating the canned meat-like product from Hornet!

My youngest child just sent me a PGP-encrypted email and I'm legit shook.

Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz quote tweets Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and everything looks like a commercial for lately.

Was I too harsh? I sat next to a screaming baby for almost an hour and had no complaints. These employees show up, and my blood pressure shoots up. I can get video..

Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii is pretty good at Twitter. My daughter is a big fan. So of course I try to embarrass her regularly.

Expanded perhaps excessively on my earlier toot. "Hate is profitable. Conflict is profitable. Schadenfreude and shame are profitable. While we smugly point fingers, tsk-tsk, and think we’re being clever as we strategically dole out likes and shares, we forget that we are all just hamsters running on wheels deep inside giant, hyper-engineered, artificially intelligent, fully gamified, corporate-controlled virtual worlds that we absurdly think belong to us."

‪While on the subject of historic technology, did you know the earliest predecessor of Wi-Fi, satellite data, and even Ethernet was a protocol called ALOHA, developed at the University of Hawaii to connect distant campuses?

‪Hearing about "Uncovering the Tech of Tomorrow, Today" from Matt Miller, leader of Product Innovation on Mastercard's Digital Futures team, at Blue Startups.

The illustration for tonight's news story on a new medical center was provided by my favorite artist, ALL CAPS NO NEED FOR WORD COURTESY. Watch for his upcoming exhibition, NAME OF ART SHOW HERE.

Okay. (Gulp.) Here's my take on a "Mastodon 101" introductory video! Fifteen minutes is a bit long, but you can skip the first half if you just want the 'toot-torial' for the software. Would love your thoughts, and pass it on if you think it's actually useful! Thanks to @Gargron and @ashfurrow, with shoutouts to @socrates @matt @woozle @Curator and @tootapp!

"He decided to push out an open sourced social network not too different from one of his favorite — but flawed, in his view — sites, Twitter. He named it Mastodon."

Mastodon Is Like Twitter Without Nazis, So Why Are We Not Using It? "I quit Twitter to join a kinder, nicer, decentralized open source version of Twitter."

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