@curiousowl I understand that. But I'm asking specifically about the micro.blog platform. Details at that domain.

I love discovering, promoting, and attending local startup and STEM events (and hackathons and geek meetups and...). I spent so much time tracking and sorting them, I decided I might as well build a site to share them. Check out HawaiiCal.com... and please help spread the word (and add your own events) if you like it! hawaiical.com/events/list/

@MathewVarghese There are no 'verified' accounts on Mastodon, but many users just add a checkmark emoji (☑️) to their profiles to make it look that way... usually in irony, not seriousness.

@scrivener They're making money, so good for them. Just can't figure out the appeal over existing open source platforms.

@prashant Yes, you can transparently interact with users of any Mastodon server as if they are local to you. You can also sign up for accounts on other servers if you like. Open, federated, a little messy... just the way we like it. No "verified" badges, however.

@prashant Check your account settings inside Masthead/Mastodon to make sure the email address is correct. It may also be that your email address needs to be verified, but if the link works already, that would likely already be the case.

@sidvee There are no 'verified accounts' on Mastodon. Profiles can be reported to instance administrators, but if someone sets up fake profiles on 100 instances, that is indeed a pain.

@Gargron Long time no Toot! Congratulations on your ongoing success. Enjoying every new release.

Welcome to our new members from India! Be sure to post an and possibly use the hashtag so you can find each other!

Anyone really into micro.blog? Many people I follow are really into it, but I'm not sure I understand the draw.

@scrivener Thanks! Fixed. Took a while, Josh is using a block-based WordPress editor plugin called Elementor, I wasn't familiar with it.

Helped my friend launch a brand new podcast focused on and , inspired by Ted Dintersmith's and ! Teachers and educators, check it out!

My latest drone video, this one over Ala Moana Beach Park in Honolulu. Squint and you'll see some Chinese dragon boat racing offshore! youtube.com/watch?v=m7i0xXIfwK

‪It's always a good week if I can spend some time in Hilo. While attending the Hawaii Island REALTORS General Membership Meeting, I got to visit some iconic spots, like Rainbow Falls.

@gry I didn't even know about the process when I created my first page. So far it's been left standing. I definitively focus more on pages that are flagged as needed editing on the community portal.

@mcadkins @mpjxn I've read a little about the hotspots, and it's intriguing stuff! Definitely appreciate the hardware hacking out there. But I'm in remedial school on old-fashioned analog right now.

My first drone video! With a Part 107 certificate and a borrowed UAV, I captured some aerial views of Sandy Beach Park in East Oahu: youtu.be/kOcrOSxgduc

@ataraxia937 I've always found that interesting. I love 1Password but even with the built in password token generator I use Authy instead.

@mpjxn I'm a long way away from having a home ham shack! A friend loaned me an older Icom mobile unit and power supply but it takes too much space for how little I'd use it. A handheld is perfect. Though the range is not great, I live on an island, so at least I can talk to my local friends!

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