@arosenberg Welcome, Alan! Hope all is well in Providence!

@Chrispost76 @Mastodon @Gargron Excellent! My degree is in print journalism. The program at our university eventually got subsumed into Communications along with Public Relations. Shudder!

@conradlumm @Mastodon @Gargron Okay, I got tipped off to the article by your Mastodon application! Welcome to the , Conrad!

@wjmaggos @Mastodon @Gargron I'm doing my best! I've seen your Mastodon evangelism on Twitter. Keep fighting the good fight!

This past weekend was the 17th annual Spam Jam, a huge street festival celebrating the canned meat-like product from Hornet!

My youngest child just sent me a PGP-encrypted email and I'm legit shook.

@scrivener The full first season is worth watching, some great characters come and go with satisfying arcs. And I think you'll better appreciate the electricity between Eve and Villanelle.

@scrivener A solid reset of the chessboard. I was worried about a shift in tone or character with a different showrunner but so far I'm hopeful. You?

It's been fun watching dark mode spread through my office. Especially now that Microsoft 365 supports it natively. I've gone full 1999 and topped it all off with a green-character-rain screensaver.

@macpro Definitely no spaces, but I use underscores to indicate a space.

Was in the middle of a lament over the two week wait for to return when a promo for season two of came on. Blessed be!

To mark the 20-year anniversary of , watched it tonight with our youngest. @mrshawaii and I were impressed at how well it holds up (it may be even more timely today). Our son was amused by how many memes he recognized from the film. indiewire.com/gallery/best-199

@mark @tootapp It's my app of choice, especially as I lurk the main timelines of several instances. Sure wish hashtag searches were less opaque, though.

@scrivener Nice! Is there way to get an index to all the pieces you've written? Considered setting up a Contently or Muckrack profile for your writing across outlets?

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