@scrivener Thanks! Fixed. Took a while, Josh is using a block-based WordPress editor plugin called Elementor, I wasn't familiar with it.

Helped my friend launch a brand new podcast focused on and , inspired by Ted Dintersmith's and ! Teachers and educators, check it out!

My latest drone video, this one over Ala Moana Beach Park in Honolulu. Squint and you'll see some Chinese dragon boat racing offshore! youtube.com/watch?v=m7i0xXIfwK

‪It's always a good week if I can spend some time in Hilo. While attending the Hawaii Island REALTORS General Membership Meeting, I got to visit some iconic spots, like Rainbow Falls.

@gry I didn't even know about the process when I created my first page. So far it's been left standing. I definitively focus more on pages that are flagged as needed editing on the community portal.

@mcadkins @mpjxn I've read a little about the hotspots, and it's intriguing stuff! Definitely appreciate the hardware hacking out there. But I'm in remedial school on old-fashioned analog right now.

My first drone video! With a Part 107 certificate and a borrowed UAV, I captured some aerial views of Sandy Beach Park in East Oahu: youtu.be/kOcrOSxgduc

@ataraxia937 I've always found that interesting. I love 1Password but even with the built in password token generator I use Authy instead.

@mpjxn I'm a long way away from having a home ham shack! A friend loaned me an older Icom mobile unit and power supply but it takes too much space for how little I'd use it. A handheld is perfect. Though the range is not great, I live on an island, so at least I can talk to my local friends!

@mark A friend made a codeplug for me which was his local channel and contact list but with my RadioID and call sign in the right places. I borrowed a PC to load it. A friend recommended Bootcamp or Parallels to do it on my Macs. Not being able to add channels just using the handheld was definitely a barrier!

@mark I'll have to come to you for tips! The main selling point of this radio was DMR, but I only have the vaguest sense of what that means. (For what it's worth, my RadioID is 3146151, callsign KH6WEB.)

@jlelse @mark My sense that Firefox is heavy is likely purely psychological. Maybe it's the UI, the chrome around the window... purely subjective. Vivaldi looks interesting, but no iOS or Android versions? I like Brave for being on all platforms with a Chromium base (supporting Chrome extensions) plus an account-less bookmark syncing feature.

Hoping to make use of my amateur radio license again, I picked up an AnyTone AT-878UV radio. Ham radio has gotten a lot more complicated in the last five years. This handset has DMR, which is all the rage. Hope to figure out how to use it!

@mark I've always found Firefox to feel heavy and slow, I try it every other year or so and just can't get into it. Since it's based on Chromium, it feels like Chrome, which is a good thing. I like Safari but most extensions are written for Chrome (which Brave supports).

@scrivener Yipe! Well, I like @tootapp though I admit I didn't dig into their terms of service or privacy policy for any gotchas.

@viviannesh Espero que te sintas melhor em breve. (Eu precisava de ajuda do Google Translate.)

@Gargron @dansup Fascinating. Thanks. Scrolled back to see the specific @mastodonusercount update. I saw some hubbub on Twitter, I'm gathering it's not gone smoothly for them. Pity. bitcoinhackers.org/@mastodonus

@Gargron Any plans to allow more flexibility for moderated instances? I'd love to direct new users to a survey form rather than a single text box to explain their interest in joining. Allowing us to specify custom text or just an "application" URL would be fantastic!

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