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"I'm not talking about the next Twitter. I'm talking about the next 300 Twitters." Me in an interview about Masthead and Mastodon

There is no "both sides" to the vaccination "debate," which isn't really a debate, either. If reporters don't treat anti-vaxxers the same way they treat flat-Earthers — and by that I mean respectfully but with a clear bias toward proof and truth — then they're doing something wrong.

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Do you trust Twitter with the contents of your direct messages? We sure don’t, and you shouldn’t have to. #FixItAlready

‪If you liked my "Mastodon 101" video and think it could help new users, i would love an upvote in r/Mastodon on Reddit to help spread the word!

"Mastodon is referred to as an alternative to Twitter. This is partly true. Actually, as a tool, it is incredibly powerful and its potential is endless. We are just seeing the emergence of a completely game changing social networking tool, so the best comparison is perhaps Twitter. As you play with it, you will see that it can be more powerful than any of the existing closed source social network applications."
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A small thing, just a personal goal, but just paid off one of four credit cards. The one that had a balance as high as $17,000 and had a terrible interest rate. And I beat my deadline by nine months. Three more to go!

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"Mastodon is a fast-growing Twitter-like social network that seeks to re-create the service’s best parts while eliminating its whale-sized problems." @megan for The Verge:

"[Southwest Airlines] on Monday announced it will begin its Hawaii service with an inaugural flight from Oakland to Honolulu on March 17, followed by an inaugural flight from Oakland to Kahului on April 7.

"Also part of the announcement: Southwest will begin inter-island flights, starting with flights between Honolulu and Kahului on April 28 — four times daily in each direction."

"Mastodon is like a utopian version of Twitter. It’s focused on limiting abusive speech and promoting privacy, it doesn’t have to chase growth mandated by venture capital, and it’s decentralized." by @joonian

Okay. (Gulp.) Here's my take on a "Mastodon 101" introductory video! Fifteen minutes is a bit long, but you can skip the first half if you just want the 'toot-torial' for the software. Would love your thoughts, and pass it on if you think it's actually useful! Thanks to @Gargron and @ashfurrow, with shoutouts to @socrates @matt @woozle @Curator and @tootapp!

"He decided to push out an open sourced social network not too different from one of his favorite — but flawed, in his view — sites, Twitter. He named it Mastodon."

Thinking of making my own Mastodon 101 video. Or is that territory well covered already? I've found the official animated one and a couple that weren't bad, but I think I would explain some things differently. @Gargron

Mastodon Is Like Twitter Without Nazis, So Why Are We Not Using It? "I quit Twitter to join a kinder, nicer, decentralized open source version of Twitter."

Turns out you don't appear on the profile directory until you have 10 followers. So I don't even know if the directory works. Shall we all follow each other? Reply to this toot to volunteer for on Masthead!

@Gargron Say, the Profile directory "requires at least 10 followers," but that's a high bar for a new instance and for new members. Is this a configurable limit?

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