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My youngest child just sent me a PGP-encrypted email and I'm legit shook.

It's been fun watching dark mode spread through my office. Especially now that Microsoft 365 supports it natively. I've gone full 1999 and topped it all off with a green-character-rain screensaver.

Was in the middle of a lament over the two week wait for to return when a promo for season two of came on. Blessed be!

To mark the 20-year anniversary of , watched it tonight with our youngest. @mrshawaii and I were impressed at how well it holds up (it may be even more timely today). Our son was amused by how many memes he recognized from the film.

Curious about @[email protected]? Instance @[email protected] has re-opened registrations! See what a free, open-source, federated alternative to Instagram has to offer.

Both @dansup (of @pixelfed) and @Gargron of Mastodon on my timeline tonight, fretting about pushing their next release.

The Wall Street Journal called the Honolulu Rail Transit project a "$9 billion debacle." The first overdue phase may open next year, and some doubt it'll make it into downtown Honolulu. But it's still being built. Ride along the route as it stands today.

One thing is certain. If you bought one of those novelty "It's Mueller time!" T-shirts, this weekend may be the last time you can wear it and still look timely and clever.

Then the question becomes, will it be like wearing a U.S. Men's Hockey 1980 Olympics shirt (remembering a great triumph), a New Orleans Saints 2018 Super Bowl t-shirt (a defiant declaration of what should have been), or a Bernie Bro 2016 T-shirt (just plain sad)?

‪One small sliver of the New Zealand shooter's message should resonate uncomfortably for people living in other remote, isolated, peaceful, idyllic, inclusive, tolerant, ethnically diverse communities with indigenous peoples and common-sense gun laws: it can happen anywhere.‬

Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz quote tweets Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and everything looks like a commercial for lately.

With Google+ being put out to pasture, I have to point my somewhere else. Decided to go with, over post-AOL and mobile-only Any other favorite single-page or splash-page personal/professional services out there?

"From 1985 to 2009, the average size of an American’s social network—defined by the number of confidants people feel they have—has declined by more than one-third. We may have hundreds of friends on Instagram, but evidence is mounting that those connections are not the ones that provide us the social balm we need, which is human contact."

Was I too harsh? I sat next to a screaming baby for almost an hour and had no complaints. These employees show up, and my blood pressure shoots up. I can get video..

Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii is pretty good at Twitter. My daughter is a big fan. So of course I try to embarrass her regularly.

Expanded perhaps excessively on my earlier toot. "Hate is profitable. Conflict is profitable. Schadenfreude and shame are profitable. While we smugly point fingers, tsk-tsk, and think we’re being clever as we strategically dole out likes and shares, we forget that we are all just hamsters running on wheels deep inside giant, hyper-engineered, artificially intelligent, fully gamified, corporate-controlled virtual worlds that we absurdly think belong to us."

RT @[email protected] New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern: "I can tell you one thing right now. Our gun laws will change.” It turns out now is exactly the time to talk about gun laws.

Hate is profitable. Massive platforms "optimize for engagement," with algorithmic recommendations for every bit of content or action, from "you might also like" to prioritizing things that will get you to click, comment, share. They won't fix it. It's working just fine for them.

Of all my international travels, New Zealand was always far and away my favorite. Its natural beauty is breathtaking, but its people and their embrace of diversity shone above all. As a Native Hawaiian, the enlightened path forged between Maori and the west is inspiring. And that it was U.S. exports of white nationalism that fueled this massacre is devastating.

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