Hello Mastodon and fediverse community! 👋

As part of a UX Research study, we’re collecting feedbacks from Mastodon's users. Our goal is to understand how and why Mastodon is used for and what could be done to improve the user (you 😉) experience

If you are willing to help us, you can find the survey right here :

We’re also holding one-on-one interviews to gather more in-depth testimonials, please contact me for more infos

Thank you all for your help!


I am pretty sure a lot of people here at mastodon will not answer your query because you use a google service for it.

Hi @Billie,

It's indeed something we didn't think about, do you have any suggestion of software we could use instead of google form ? :)


Not really, since surveys are not something I do regularly.

In the past, I coded a privacy-friendly survey with only a couple of questions with simple html forms and a MySQL backend.

Took me approx 3-4 hours work. So not that much at all.

@Billie @frederic I guess that’s one first data point: people use mastodon et al. because it’s not a gafam service.


perhaps nextcloud polls, but I think this is rather designed for single questions/polls, and not a whole survey

@frederic Went through the survey and only realized at the very end that it's a google thing. :(

@phryk @frederic thats what I was going to say ahah ; cmon, whuat ? a google form ? here ? dude !

@diarra As I understand it, this is often part and parcel of research surveys. Tho I really like universities that host their own survey platforms much more. :P


@phryk @diarra

so sorry, we didn't realize it would be an issue but now that you say it, it sure was not the best choice to made!

Although, I can assure you no sensitive data is collected and your answers will only be used for research purposes only!

Not by *you* anyway – Google is a whole different deal, being one of the global frontrunners of surveillance capitalism. :P


@phryk @frederic Phryk is just sayin the whole thing here, not much to add here

@frederic Hi, the subtitle for the question "Why combine Twitter and Mastodon?" is in French, I'm not sure if this is what you intended


woops, the original survey was in french must have forgotten to translate this one

thanks for the heads up 😉

@frederic Next time, please use OhMyForm instead of Google's. Thanks.

@frederic eh, yeah, can't do it. please use something else than google. thank you.

Hi, i think many would be critical of using google forms here, especially when we have viable and privacy respecting alternatives like ...try that instead:)

@frederic I second @lps 's suggestion - Framaforms. Or, to be more precise, Yakforms - (see Not sure if it has been translated to English yet? Other options: To be honest, just by looking at the link - - I didn't guess it's Google forms. Now I know ;)

Which university and how is the research funded? Will the result published free or to be payed?

Hi @Davide_Sandini !

This study is part of my User Experience master degree in École du Supérieure du Digital (ESD) based in Lyon

We are conducting this study with a bunch of others students and with the support of @mcpaccard (👋 )

The results will be published on Marie-Cécile website, available to everyone who might be interested to read it. Note that it will be published among other studies about other Fediverse's softwares such as Peertube, Mobilizon,…held by other students 😉

@suporte @jgarciao

This might answer some questions you may have :)

We'll be sharing the results with Framasoft, however this study is a spontaneous initiative

Available if you have any questions 😉

@frederic @suporte Thanks for the info!

I also studied in Lyon for a few months. Lovely city!

@frederic I think more people could be interested in participating if it was more clear who is conducting this UX Research and who will use its results.

Are you working with/for the Mastodon project or for a startup developing a similar product?

@Gargron @frederic The attached image is kind of pretending being something related. If they are not this looks like pishing to me

@jgarciao this wasn't the purpose we were looking for

You're right I should have been clearer from the beginning, again to everyone who might be wondering this study is not held by Framasoft, a startup or any company, but by a bunch of french students in UX research!

@frederic Did you ever answer the people that asked who you represent? You're not from the Mastodon project, so who (what group) are you?

@frederic If you want input from Mastodon people, why are you using Google Forms?

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