You can use @themarkup's new Blacklight tool to check for trackers on our website at @FreedomofPress. We practice what we preach on reader privacy. —@[email protected]

Nixon waged war on the press, but even he didn't argue that Woodward and Bernstein's Watergate reporting was illegal. That's the precedent the Trump administration is attempting to set in the Assange case. —@[email protected]

RT @huertanix: To everyone that just installed @signalapp, welcome! Here's a great guide from @mshelton on how to get the most out of it: —@[email protected]

RT @CoreyBanksss: @FreedomofPress thanks for producing such an informative, thought provoking, status quo challenging article! It means a lot to me and others. @xor and Audrey Kim. —@[email protected]

RT @CengizYar: Free online safety webinars hosted by @PENamerica , @wearehearken on how reporters

We are honored to join @IWMF and @craignewmark in their fight to defend journalists against online harassment. We welcome additional organizations whose work addresses online abuse to join, and you can read more about this work here: —@[email protected]

It goes without saying, but no politician at any level of government should celebrate violence against journalists. For it to come from the President is a disgrace to the office. —@[email protected]

Absolutely massive new investigative series—more than a hundred news outlets analyzing thousands of secret documents. —@[email protected]

@jack We build open-source tools like @SecureDrop—relied on by journalists around the world to speak with whistleblowers. Your support could make a huge difference in protecting the brave doctors, nurses

It's Friday, and we're talking digital security for filmmakers with Sara Rafsky, and more! Join us at 4:30 ET on —@[email protected]

Transparency laws can play an important role in police accountability. But across New York State, cops and their unions are refusing to comply. —@[email protected]

We join this call for the Ontario Provincial Police to drop their charges against Karl Dockstader, arrested while covering a land dispute on Indigenous territory. —@[email protected]

In terms of security: the Trump administration's move today will make U.S. TikTok users less safe by cutting them off from software updates —@[email protected]

As @EFF has explained, there are very serious First Amendment arguments against banning Americans from accessing an app. —@[email protected]

The Trump administration has announced a “ban” on TikTok in U.S. app stores—a move which is shortsighted, ridiculous, and likely unconstitutional. —@[email protected]

As part of our series of deep dives into video conferencing tools, our amazing digital security intern @legoktm wrote all about the security, privacy, and usability of BigBlueButton. —@[email protected]

RT @phihado: A tips page is good, but there are many things newsrooms can do to improve it

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