James O'Keefe on Hearts of Oak Podcast telling us what motivates the whistleblowers to come forward to Project Veritas, be it publicly or anonymously.

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"The stomach churning hypocrisy of the political class...."
David Vance on Hearts of Oak Podcast discussing Northern Ireland on our latest 'Week According To...'

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Petition: Do not sign any WHO Pandemic Treaty unless it is approved via public referendum.
Currently on 83,000+, keep sharing as at 100,000 signatures, this petition will be considered for debate in Parliament.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese says if he is successful at the federal election he will ramp up the COVID-19 education campaign.
He said the government could stop using $1 billion on political advertising and 'channel funds into making sure we promote those vaccination rates,'
Interesting campaign strategy.

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Join us and comedian, author, host, bourbon expert and Washington Times columnist Tim Young.... as he Runs his Mouth!
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The story in the post below did not surprise us.
Back in July 2021 we highlighted how much money has been spent in legal aid for members of the Rochdale Grooming Gang.

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"I do take huge pleasure from the salty tears of leftists on Twitter...."
David Vance discussing Elon Musk and his bid for the social media platform.
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David Vance joins us for lively chat and free speech in abundance as we look through the top stories and articles that have caught his attention this week.


A grooming gang which inflicted a two-year rape ordeal on a girl received £435,643 in legal aid.
Some £200,888 went to solicitors, £234,755 to other lawyers and Khan accounted for £92,000 of the costs.


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Police raid unregistered school over female genital mutilation fears: Cops arrest three people after finding room with bed and medical equipment.


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James O'Keefe: Project Veritas - American Muckraker: Rethinking Journalism for the 21st Century
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"Same script all over the world."
Dr Naomi Wolf on Hearts of Oak Podcast talking about the role of AI in managing the global script.
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Look what I found in my local bookshop.
Bill Gates will keep us safe.
Jeffrey Epstein's friend.
Biggest Farmland owner in America.
Wants everyone jabbed as part of world's largest experiment.
How are people dumb enough to trust in Gates?

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