Coronavirus origin: Few leads, many theories in hunt for source
Coronavirus most likely to have jumped to humans from intermediary host, but some say lab accident cannot be ruled out.

आज का आदर्श बालक ऐसा होना मांगता है। TV जो एक प्रोपगैंडा बन चुका है और परिवार के सदस्यों को दूषित कर चुका है उसे तोड़ फोड़ दे।

"कातिल मजे में हैं
तो क्‍या हम मान लें कि कत्‍ल करना मजेदार काम है?
मसला मनुष्‍य का है
इसलिए हम तो हरगिज नहीं मानेंगे
कि मसले जाने के लिए ही
बना है मनुष्‍य।"
~वीरेन डंगवाल

Malik Ambar, the formidable military leader from the Deccan, was originally a slave from Ethiopia

While the Maratha rulers sung his praises, he drove terror into the hearts of the Mughal troops

This us deserted area of Ananthpuram of Andhra pradesh . Impact of climate change as river shifted away from this area left huge mounds of sands. River dried after dams errected on it and then water diverted for industrial uses

Beetles are prominent in human culture, from the sacred scarabs of ancient Egypt to beetlewing art and use as pets or fighting insects for entertainment and gambling. Most beetles, however, do not cause economic damage and many, such as the lady beetles and dung beetles are beneficial by helping to control insect pests. This Beetle I found in desert of Ananthpuram district of Andhra Pradesh.

Soliga tribe in Karnataka: Art of preserving seeds for years. This tribe is facing existential crisis as government want to throw them out as it declare their village as tiger reserve in MM Hills

Critical reports are "fake news," journalists reporting the facts are "enemies of the people,"

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What's the truth? In the era of regionalized facts, it depends on where you stand, what channel you're watching, and what party you belong to.

@freethesoil In India the pattern of use of consumption of fertilizers are quite concentrated as 42 % districts of the country uses 85 % of total fertilizers. About 292 Districts account for 85 percentage of total fertilizer consumption.

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@freethesoil The ideal N:P:K nutrients use ratio is (N: P2O5 : K2O) of 4:2:1. The current ratio in country is this ratio was 6.7:2.7:1. States like Punjab and Haryana where NPK use ratio is as high as 31.4:8.0:1 and 27.7:6.1:1 respectively. @FAOclimate

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@freethesoil Currently Brick Kiln industry using 0.7 Mha of agricultural land alone in India. Use of this sub soil after the topsoil removal can reduce crop yields by 60-90%. Situation is likely to worsen as govt push for 'housing for all' Scheme where brick demand would shoot up

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India's 7% of geographical area is used for non-agri purposes, It is estimated
to be increasing at the rate of 0.3 Mha/yr. About 20K ha of
fertile land are being converted into wasteland
every year in different parts of the country for brick making. @freethesoil

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1.07 Mha area is under degradation due to
water logging. Area 0.88 Mha is under permanent surface
inundation& about 12.53 Mha of rainfed soil remain fallow due to temporary water logging during kharif. Water logging alone results in
annual loss of 1.2 to 6.0 Mt of grain in India.

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Annual soil loss rate in India is
about 15.35 tonnes per hectare, resulting in loss of 5.37 Mt to 8.4 Mt of nutrients, annual production loss of 13.4 Mt due to water erosion which amounts to a loss of Rs. 205.32 billion in monetary terms.

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