Hellooooooo is anybody theeeeeeeeereee.......

Modern test for echo, if you see this say hi.

Heads up: fun fact, a propaganda shill account will always find a way to report a dissident they are repressing and their information, and a propaganda admin shill will always take the side of the reporting shill in such a way that it looks like the target of repression is at fault. Attempts to "work things out" will be dismissed as "we dont have time for this" and some form of label culture, ie calling the target triggering, aggressive, or some form of undefinable racism. This has been a PSA.

Difficult hot topic #1, brace yourselves, answer difficult to find through search, in a capcha when they say select all traffic lights, do they mean to include the pole also? Maybe this is something everyone knows but me, I can find no pattern. Also recently I have noticed capcha thinks mailboxes are parking meters, in which case we are the ones now conforming to the way the machines see things...also capcha is dystopian, the same forces that operate it could be the ones ddos'ing. Discuss.

As part of my efforts to resist censorship and make sure my work cannot be erased or censored, and so you have options to see my work without going to my site or any other single point of failure, here you can find basically enough of my content to read for a few months on all of the most difficult topics. archive.is/8go6z
Never have so many censored ideas been found in one place. Plz save offline and share in case I get censored again. thx

Hi Everybody, this instance appears fantastic by description, I hope we can have a lot of conversations and cancel cancel culture itself. I had a couple bad experiences at other servers where obvious shill tactics resulted in me being censored by very shifty means. I am very interested in facilitating dialogue between people who are in conflict, and I promise to always go to almost any length to explain my position and consider changing it if I am in error. Let's be friends!


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