Random fun fact: you can use mpv on a GNU+Linux system when youtube-dl is installed, to stream youtube playlists. If the URL says e.g. ?watch=blablabla&list=blablabla change it to ?list=blablabla

Use Invidious to watch YouTube without non-free javascript: redirect.invidious.io

You can use invidious to *search* youtube, and also use it to watch videos in the browser, but I find that it doesn't work nicely with playlists.

Therefore, if I encounter a playlist, I pass it to mpv on my terminal.

i'm uncertain if youtube-dl supports invidious links, so i always make sure youtube.com is the domain name in the URL. youtube.com URLs translate perfectly into invidious URLs and vice versa, because only the domain name differs. e.g. youtube.com/?watch=blablabla becomes redirect.invidio.us/?watch=blablabla


@libreleah With youtube-dl you can even go further. With a YouTube URL of the form youtube.com/watch?v=gO0_F7SaJF you can simply call youtube-dl on the video code: youtube-dl gO0_F7SaJFc

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