::::::What is the next step for journalism?

It seems, that we read again and again the same news, what is the next step?, when we know the problems in the world really good and when we find out, that the journalism, that is describing the facts in the world is repeating itself from month to month? ((What is the next step?, (to solve the problems in the world with the help of journalism), for journalism?))


What is thinking ? ...part01

The word: “tree” is-not-equal to a real tree. The word: “tree” is a symbol to remind you about an experience with a real tree.
Words are not-equal to the, real-life-facts themselves, words only do describing (remember you to) real-life-facts.
What life-experienced facts/situations do you have to define the words you use, and that you read/hear?

photo: Andreas_Cellarius,_Harmonia_Macrocosmica

Philosophy of logic :::::

The light of the sun, reflected by the whole life of our planet, is one of the most important information-dense bearers, of the truth, of what is going on in the world.
Not the thoughts in your head.
Understanding with light.
Primarily, you understand life, with seeing life, not with thinking the word: “life”.
What is thinking?


photo: NASA

What is thinking? ...part02

Explaining the exception: Or: the truth about thinking itself:
Words themselves are also facts. Like in the case of the word: “word”, a word is the-real-life-fact behind the word: “word” A real tree is the fact behind the word "tree."
If you want to understand the truth of a tree, you don't achieve it by thinking. You have to go into the forest, see a tree. Only then one begins to encounter and understand the reality/truth of a tree.

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