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RT @pcheung630: A consistent theme from @cward1e @BostonJoan @wrightmk

RT @TechREDEF: 10 Years of Turning Documents into Data: A Q

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Today at , we're discussing the pressing questions we want answered about Americans and the media in the next [email protected] survey. There's still time to meet with our journalism team; here's where we'll be today tomorrow: t.co/VQGInW62dA @ONAConf t.co/zzI5WcQM2X —@[email protected] twitter.com/knightfdn/status/1

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“We all know it’s people who are going to reimagine the future of journalism, and those people are here.” — @JenniferPreston welcomes guests to the @ONAConf opening reception. t.co/ZNVhER5LwA —@[email protected] twitter.com/knightfdn/status/1

@sarahalvarezMI @media_outlier @madbair @cliff_notes @BlackVotersMtr @reynoldspost @TeamMije "You'll see one important factor shared by all of these organizations," says @reynoldspost of the panelists during today's conversation at . "Leadership." —@[email protected] twitter.com/knightfdn/status/1

@sarahalvarezMI @media_outlier @madbair @cliff_notes @BlackVotersMtr @reynoldspost @TeamMije Expecting or demanding trust without building an effective model of covering issues doesn’t serve communities, says @sarahalvarezMI of @media_outlier. “We don’t have to do our jobs differently, but we have to do our jobs.” —@[email protected] twitter.com/knightfdn/status/1

@sarahalvarezMI @media_outlier @madbair @cliff_notes @BlackVotersMtr @reynoldspost @TeamMije “When people see that you took the time to learn about them effectively tell their stories, it differentiates how they feel about the story — it makes them the subject of the story, instead of an object,” says @cliff_notes of building trust in @blackvotersmtr’s audience. —@[email protected] twitter.com/knightfdn/status/1

@sarahalvarezMI @media_outlier @madbair @cliff_notes @BlackVotersMtr @reynoldspost @TeamMije Want to read @madbair's thoughts on reaching underserved communities? Here's the 2017 post she wrote (referenced today by @cliff_notes) on news deserts in immigrant communities: t.co/AFMWsDBNDH —@[email protected] twitter.com/knightfdn/status/1

@sarahalvarezMI @media_outlier @madbair @cliff_notes @BlackVotersMtr @reynoldspost @TeamMije “They don’t want warm and fuzzy news, they want news that can help them engage on issues that matter," says @madbair of ’s readers. The org works to meet its readers where they’re at when it comes to understanding issues. More: t.co/BmchPmrNRq —@[email protected] twitter.com/knightfdn/status/1

@sarahalvarezMI @media_outlier @madbair @cliff_notes @BlackVotersMtr @reynoldspost @TeamMije “We didn’t begin with any assumptions of what a news outlet can or must look like, or any assumptions of what our readers would care about,” says @madbair. intentionally listened to 's Latinx communities to discover what issues mattered to them. —@[email protected] twitter.com/knightfdn/status/1

@sarahalvarezMI @media_outlier @madbair @cliff_notes @BlackVotersMtr @reynoldspost @TeamMije “It works, because you have a personal connection to a reporter, and that’s what you need — more information and more accountability.” - @sarahalvarezMI of @media_outlier. More: t.co/ECYo7RMbtF —@[email protected] twitter.com/knightfdn/status/1

@sarahalvarezMI @media_outlier @madbair @cliff_notes @BlackVotersMtr @reynoldspost @TeamMije What do @media_outlier’s new consumers see? residents can text “Detroit” to 73224 for updates on issues that matter to them — and the org uses this service to create trust in their community, @sarahalvarezMI says. —@[email protected] twitter.com/knightfdn/status/1

Now at : We’re talking about building trust in media in underserved communities nationwide. Follow this thread for insights and thoughts shared by @sarahalvarezMI of @media_outlier, @madbair of , @cliff_notes of @blackvotersmtr and @reynoldspost of @TeamMije ⬇️ t.co/TLthOf3FXe —@[email protected] twitter.com/knightfdn/status/1

RT @GraceDearing: “The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas.” @frankwords quotes Linus Pauling to kick off the Design Do workshop in the @knightfdn lounge at that teaches newsrooms the art of failing fast to lead to quick improvements! t.co/p52VKvH4gK —@[email protected] twitter.com/knightfdn/status/1

RT @rmoas: Thrilled to be supporting @TheUnderlineMIA’s bold vision for incorporating into world class public space! When completed, The Underline will stimulate civic life, inspire our creative class and uplift our community in ways that we’ve never before seen. t.co/BSxdBcA3W3 —@[email protected] twitter.com/knightfdn/status/1

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