All there music is timeless They leave me speechless after every song. I’m so glad beach house entered my life nothing but happiness listening to there songs.

Beach House - Dive

Warm and nostalgic--like riding in a car and closing your eyes and feeling golden under the sun.

If you care more about an AR-15 than the life of a child, you’re not pro-life, you’re not pro-Jesus, you’re not pro-liberty, you’re just an enabler to murder.

@heuteshow: "Heute vor 50 Jahren lief das erste Mal im deutschen Fernsehen.
Einen Warp-Antrieb haben sie uns versprochen. Bekommen haben wir einen Tankrabatt."

The Big Pink - Velvet
Die ersten 15 Sekunden ignorieren, dann wird es ohrwurmiger.

Un hermano de una excelente amiga en Venezuela necesita apoyo para que pueda pagar el tratamiento despues de un infarto y para recuperar su salud. Todas las contribuciones estan bienvenidos y ayudan. Muchas gracias por su ayuda y para compartir ese mensaje de ayuda!

The ancient Romans already warned about Trump and the Republicans.

First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden is an educator of 30+ years who has 2 Masters Degrees, 1 Doctoral Degree, 8 years as Second Lady, and was featured on the cover of VOGUE Magazine.

Melania Trump is a classless, jealous, spiteful, grifting, mail order bride b*tch who lives in Florida.

BREAKING: In bombshell Friday night ruling, a judge denies a request by Trump, Giuliani, & Sidney Powell to throw out a defamation case brought by a Dominion executive, ruling that their Big Lie showed “actual malice” and is backed by “absolutely NO facts.”

Improvisation at the train station in Paris - great video, great vibes!

I love president just for being a person with manners and not being such a whiny and corrupt loser as the !

Wie sieht Ihr es - gewinnt Mastodon mit dem Kauf von durch an Bedeutung?

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