Un hermano de una excelente amiga en Venezuela necesita apoyo para que pueda pagar el tratamiento despues de un infarto y para recuperar su salud. Todas las contribuciones estan bienvenidos y ayudan. Muchas gracias por su ayuda y para compartir ese mensaje de ayuda!

The ancient Romans already warned about Trump and the Republicans.

First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden is an educator of 30+ years who has 2 Masters Degrees, 1 Doctoral Degree, 8 years as Second Lady, and was featured on the cover of VOGUE Magazine.

Melania Trump is a classless, jealous, spiteful, grifting, mail order bride b*tch who lives in Florida.

BREAKING: In bombshell Friday night ruling, a judge denies a request by Trump, Giuliani, & Sidney Powell to throw out a defamation case brought by a Dominion executive, ruling that their Big Lie showed “actual malice” and is backed by “absolutely NO facts.”

Improvisation at the train station in Paris - great video, great vibes!


I love president just for being a person with manners and not being such a whiny and corrupt loser as the !

Wie sieht Ihr es - gewinnt Mastodon mit dem Kauf von durch an Bedeutung?

Sind Social Media demokratisch und tragen zur Demokratisierung bei? Die Beteiligung an Wahlen und Abstimmungen ist höher als die aktive Beteiligung (kommentieren, liken, sharen, Content selber erstellen) auf SoMe-Plattformen.


The GOP capitulated to Trump on his every evil whim.

But it all stopped when it came to granting the American people the relief of $2000.

Let that sink in.

convinced Republicans to waste $2,000,000,000,000 (two trillion) on the GOP Tax Scam.

Almost all of the benefits went to the Top 1%.

Why is a one time $2000 direct payment for everyday Americans such a heavy lift?

Kann mir jemand erklären, wieso Trumpfans sofort anfangen, einen zu beschimpfen statt mit Argumenten zu fighten, wenn man anderer Meinung ist?

Guten Morgen, ab heute werden die Tage wieder länger!

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