Hello? ? Anyone other than spammers still toot here?

Not much happening here lately. I think this is my first login since January. Knock, knock... anyone home?

Q: Web page file names? spaces or no spaces between words? Which is correct in 2019?

My Resume.pdf


Have the file naming conventions changed?

My friend says they have I say not. I've been using no spaces since 1995.

I'm pissed @Flickr. They changed the login page and now I can't login using my Mac. Yes, my Mac is old and I can't upgrade. Not cheap!!! Very FRUSTRATING.

The only reason I plan on paying for another year of Flickr is to slowly go through all the photos I have embedded on my blogs, remove them and repost. Sucks.

Flickr was better with Yahoo.

Am I a glutton for punishment? At the Hawaii State Legislature today.

I've been on Last FM since 2006. Among my favorite artists is Fleetwood Mac.


A little more about me... been online in some way or another since around 1988 with a 2400 baud modem. Remember that?

I currently am the webmaster for Assistance League of Hawaii, do their Constant Contact newsletter and temporarily working at the Hawaii State Legislature... again.

Otherwise I spend a lot of time with photography, dabble with YouTube videos, still mulling about doing a podcast and write several of my own blogs...

Looking for work after May 2.

Hello, just testing.... First post. OK... so this is a Mastedon thing. I probably should consolidate the other two that I am on... need to figure that out yet. Heh.


All the news that's fit to toot.