A little more about me... been online in some way or another since around 1988 with a 2400 baud modem. Remember that?

I currently am the webmaster for Assistance League of Hawaii, do their Constant Contact newsletter and temporarily working at the Hawaii State Legislature... again.

Otherwise I spend a lot of time with photography, dabble with YouTube videos, still mulling about doing a podcast and write several of my own blogs...

Looking for work after May 2.

@macpro I got you beat. I was using a 300 baud modem in 1985. I had just started a job as a science writer at Caltech, and I had not yet moved to Pasadena, so I transmitted my first article, about the planned Keck Telescope in Hawaii, via modem. My lead paragraph included a bit about how the telescope would be "peering into the universe." Unfortunately either my modem or the one at Caltech was dropping random characters, so my editors saw, "peeing into the universe."

@bobfinn "Peeing into the universe"... back in the days of line noise. :)

@macpro Welcome to Masthead, Mel! Are you using any apps for Mastodon? They might make the platform easier or more fun to use!

@editor just downloaded and activated MastoPane for Android. Seems to be working.

@macpro @macpro Excellent! Hope Masthead looks good! Some people find the multi-column web UI of Mastodon to be too distracting. An app can smooth that over, and I also set up Halcyon here:

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