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@zoon take off the device and throw it away. you appear to have a healthy enough lifestyle that you are probably in tune with your body and don't need the distraction of Apple tracking your biometrics and giving you "advice"

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Those who are interested in testing the nahotspot might ask- how do I see if people are actually using my hotspot. Here are 5 ways to see what's up. 1/7

60. Colours of Hieroglyphs in the tomb of published in Saqqara Mastabas I. Red: mouth r, ka arms, loop s, ring-stand g, kher ring-stand, khent pots, ns whip. Yellow : sab panther-skin. Green : plover, buri fish, reed-leaf a, ni-sut plant, kherp sceptre, ma sickle, sieve kh, neb basket, handled basket k. Blue : drill-cap t. Black: hair and beard of tep head, jackal, water n, drill-cap
Inscriptions by MARGARET A. MURRAY

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Lets talk VPN.

I'll assume VPN is setup correctly and DNS traffic is going through VPN & not leaking to ISP


* VPN moves masquerade firewall to a remote server
* ISP can't see what sites (IP addresses) you connect to
* ISP can't see plain-text traffic
* ISP can't provide authorities your logs


* VPNSP can see all sites you connect to
* VPNSP can see plain-text traffic
* VPNSP can see all DNS requests
* VPNSP can provide authorities your logs (harder if VPN end in another country)

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enior Research Scientist at MIT, Stephanie Seneff, discusses the recent paper she co-authored with Peter McCullough, which shines a light on science showing that mRNA vaccines may be causing widespread illness and death.

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Saw a great quote over the weekend…

“The problem with following the science is that quite often, the science follows the money.”

100% true!

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Hello everyone, I didn't visit this site for what, almost two years? I kind of wrote it off, to be honest - wasn't too comfortable here and knew no one. The situation didn't change a lot, but I'm willing to give it a try one more time :)
I'm not entirely sure, whether I should upolad all my artwork I drew in-between or not, though.
More likely yes than no.

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ITM fellow slaves, simulated friends. Picked a great day to go wire to wire with the pre show. @darrenoneill @CoffeeFingers dispensing some special programming very early today. We thank you all for our special programming. (Pictured is the over flow of the babies 5000 Plus scattered across 6000 wats an most of my tiny house).

While I do not belong to a cult. I wish all the renewal of spring, the love of a special slave and good health.

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