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Hello everyone, I didn't visit this site for what, almost two years? I kind of wrote it off, to be honest - wasn't too comfortable here and knew no one. The situation didn't change a lot, but I'm willing to give it a try one more time :)
I'm not entirely sure, whether I should upolad all my artwork I drew in-between or not, though.
More likely yes than no.

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ITM fellow slaves, simulated friends. Picked a great day to go wire to wire with the pre show. @darrenoneill @CoffeeFingers dispensing some special programming very early today. We thank you all for our special programming. (Pictured is the over flow of the babies 5000 Plus scattered across 6000 wats an most of my tiny house).

While I do not belong to a cult. I wish all the renewal of spring, the love of a special slave and good health.

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i love following people, accounts, etc here but i wish they had some sort of guarantess of some kind maybe

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Shanghai police officers with police dogs illegally broke into homes to catch residents to COVID concentration camps.

➪ @Covid19vaccinevictims
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You now what I'm gonna do tonight, when everyone's asleep, Imma do a big pot of green tea, lock meself in the studio under the headphones, and #record a sleazy (think late happy mondays) #funk song, and whisper the vocals 😎 Ohh yes #yphilmusic

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RT @western_bester
"I just want to talk to your chickens about their sexuality."

Shelters that currently exist with public funding should not require people to leave with
their belongings during the day and return in the evening. If this is a matter of funding,
they should be fully supported to provide services during the day. Shelter spaces should
be nice; trauma-informed spaces and they should gradually be turned into single-resident
occupancies rather than remain as congregate settings. These spaces should be low-
barrier shelters based on behavior. 🎡

Legislative Actions to Support Vermonter’s Experiencing Homelessness
Date: 12/16/21

Edited recommendations:

Sufficient funding for Economic Services staffing to deliver the services and support to
meet short-, mid- and long-term goals. Call wait times for housing someone in a hotel
can be well over 90 minutes.

Receive more financial and clinical support from medical providers for the respite and
after care that is provided.

Shelters that currently exist with public funding ...

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