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Eating at Stadium Pho “pho” the first time! We ordered the rare steak, tendon and meatball pho. The soup was delicious! We also ordered the lemon grass chicken and that was good too. Will definitely be back!

When you attend a trade show like the Hawaii Hotel and Restaurant Show you know it’s going to be all about eating, drinking, networking, seminars, having a good time... and more eating and drinking!

‪I got the call earlier than expected from that my laptop was fixed and ready for pickup! They replaced the monitor & logic board which solved the black screen, and it cleared up the thunderbolt port problem. Thankful that the hard drive and all the data appears to be ok. Good thing my still had two months left and didn’t expire yet. The two morals of the story are to get the AppleCare, and to always back up your data on a regular and frequent basis. You’ve been advised.

‪Not since the series finale of Friends have we had to say goodbye to another more beloved set of friends. I thought that this was a great ending to an iconic series. The writers did a great job especially with the final speech. Thanks Big Bang Theory for the last 12 years!

This Rainbow Mousse cake is perfect for people like me. Not too sweet but full of flavor!

Visited my old stomping grounds at Hawaii News Now! Great to see so many familiar faces who’ve been like family to me! Very nostalgic to see my former home away from home again.

The kal bi 7 layer salad is now my favorite menu item at @wahooshawaii. The meat was so tender. Delicious blend of flavors w/ the brown rice, black beans, cheese, guacamole, lettuce, cabbage & salsa.

Spent yesterday afternoon at the attending the . When I was a kid the was one of my favorite sports . It’s a design that still looks sick today. Whenever I come across one the kid in me has to stop and check it out.

‪Wow! They survived two nail biters going into the but couldn’t dodge a third bullet. Hats off to for a huge win and entry to the . All my brackets are now officially busted!

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