I’ve had the fortune and the pleasure of seeing play . He transcended the game and I’m happy he was able to retire as a . He’ll go down as one of the best to have ever played. He’s guaranteed to go into both the America and the Japanese baseball hall of fame. On a side note, because of him Field started featuring on its menu at the ballpark. The sport will surely miss this one of a kind class act.

@mark I am not an old baseball compared to most of you but what I've seen from #Ichiro is indeed quite amazing.

The video of him walking out is quite emotional 😢

@ricard_dev Ichiro was truly a special player for all his accomplishments in both countries. He was already a rock star in Japan and when he came to America it was like the Beatles had landed all over again. Ok I believe you already called me “old” and so this analogy probably just proved it. LOL! But yes, definitely an emotional moment for all as we say goodbye to a true legend.

@mark haha ok ok you're more of a "veteran" fan than me

Is that better? 😅

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