Last day to enjoy nice morning traffic before schools start again next week. Drinking it all in.

@mark suggest the local schools to have one "walk to school" and one "cycle to school" day every month? I think they might be effective. We have them here in Sydney, although not as often as I'd've liked...

@gry Great idea but Hawaii’s commuting / school situation is a little more complex than that. Without getting too far into the weeds. A few factors to consider for the Island of Oahu. First, this isn’t a “pedestrian friendly” place where a walk or cycle to school would be a practical solution. Tho I would love it if everyone could do that! And let’s not get started on the mass transit situation.

@gry We have one of the highest percentage of primary level students going to private schools in the nation, requiring families to drive across the island to drop their kids off. We also have just one main public university that draws students to drive from every corner of the island. It impacts the volume of cars on the road whenever school is in session.

@gry Hawaii is one of the best places in the world but we have one of the worst traffic problems too. It’s unfortunately one of the trade offs of paradise that we residents are dealing with.

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