Do International Universities Accept The SAT Or ACT?

There are plenty of great reasons for moving abroad to pursue your higher education. Perhaps you're seeking an international adventure or want to study a subject that's only possible in a specific country. Maybe you just don't want to pay the ever-rising costs of American college tuition. Or perhaps you have roots in a foreign country that you want to explore...

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Admission Officers Name 7 Mistakes Students Make During the Application Process

We've rounded up a few of their top pet peeves that you should try to avoid:

1. Taking Advice from Those Who Haven't Been Through the Process in Ages
2. Lack of Formality
3. Not Visiting the Campus When It's Geographically Possible
4. Eliminating A School Just Because of the Sticker Price
5. Writing A Generic Supplemental Essay

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3 Ways to Avoid Overloading Your Junior and Senior Schedules

Here are three ways to avoid overloading your schedule the last two years of high school:

1. Start Earlier Than You Think You Should
2. Use a Calendar to Track Deadlines
3. Just Say No

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