Tonight’s : The Vampires of Venice and a nice local Dubbel:

$39.95 to hold your newborn after a C-section is some serious shitty late-stage capitalism.

Tonight’s - A cherry ale from Ommegang, which is practically local. And The Waters of Mars.

Tonight’s : a winter warmer from Flying Dog and the Tennant season 4 Easter special, Planet of the Dead.

This is on display in the WV Capitol sponsored by the state Republican Party.

Anyone who would create and display such a thing in a seat of government, or condone doing so, has no place in the government of a free country.

Also: these bastards are going to get someone killed.

This is *incredibly* smart politics in the current state of affairs.

People who think she's "dumb" or is going to be a flash in the pan are going to be very surprised for years to come.

Finally getting to watching New Who.
Tonight in : S4ep15, The Next Doctor and a bourbon barrel aged version of an old favorite.


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