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Though Masthead has been up a few days, I'm declaring tomorrow its beta launch day and sending out an announcement to the tech press, especially outlets that have covered Mastodon. If you know someone who should get the press release, let me know! Thanks again to @Gargron and @mastohost for making this possible!

Here's the most important 4:11 you'll spend today: AOC questioning Michael Cohen in the House Oversight Committee hearings.

She's sharp, on-point, and her questions open several potential avenues of investigation for the committee.

Anyone who dismisses her as "dumb" or a "lightweight" is dead wrong.

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This is absolutely vile and should die in a fire. Facebook is starting a Patreon competitor that will skim 30% off the top instead of the 5% Patreon takes.

Moves me one bit closer to bailing on Facebook.

Asking the musical question, why would anybody listen to a former C-list game show host about politics?

Incredibly, Mitch McConnell went to the Senate floor and blamed *Democrats* for the mess in NC-09 because they don't support voter ID laws.

Despite the fact that they wouldn't have done *anything* to prevent the Republicans from cheating.

Giving this new thing a try. Just a test, for now.


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