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@AndyBCampbell: NEW: Leaked Identity Evropa chats reveal that white nationalists have actively worked phones in support of Rep. Steve King, and donated to his reelection campaign, as part of ongoing efforts to keep a white supremacist in power

Tell me again how Ilhan Omar using a couple of badly chosen phrases is the real problem, though.

From That Other Place...

@TechnicallyRon: England: "White background, Red cross"
Scotland: "Blue background, white x"
*Wales giggling wildly in the corner*
England: "Wales what's your flag"

Me: MASSIVE. FUCKING. DRAGON. would be the name of my Welsh Imagine Dragons tribute band.
Well, except for the fact that they suck too much to have a tribute band.

Large new study finds, once again, that there is no link between the and .

It's a shame that these researchers had to spend time doing this instead of solving real problems, but that's what happens when you're in the stupidest timeline.

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I don't think Malia is out of control. I drank when I was 20.
I live 1 lake away from Canada and if I had went there it would be normal.
Law doesn't always equal morally right or wrong. Just not allowed.

Also leave her alone any damn way.

This is interesting in light of the HQ2/NYC saga: Amazon threatened not to move into Ranier Square if Seattle passed a business tax intended to help build low-income housing and the homeless.

The city backed down. Now Amazon is...not moving in to Ranier Square.…

Tonight’s - A cherry ale from Ommegang, which is practically local. And The Waters of Mars.

I love spring training . Was reminded of Abbott and Costello today when one of the radio announcers said "...and your guess is as good as mine who's in right field" in the sixth inning.

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imagining a world in which spelling bees aren't competitions about memorization and rules but gatherings where people work together to craft new spellings from scratch for words that haven't been spelled yet (or don't even exist yet), invent alternate and better/weirder spellings than those that words already have, think of new systems for spelling that don't even involve letters or characters or writing at all

@mike_jones That was a fun episode. Michelle Ryan was a very good foil for the Doctor, and I kin of wish they had brought her back as a companion. I could just see the bus flying down into the middle of things.

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Tonight’s : a winter warmer from Flying Dog and the Tennant season 4 Easter special, Planet of the Dead.

Went to the beer store today. New coming later.

A problem I have observed on social media, particularly in forms that include comment threads: you may want to write something aimed at people reading the thread, but the person you're responding to thinks it's aimed at *them* and there's no good way to indicate the difference.

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I was about to start my machine when a man suddenly appeared in the lab.
"I come from the future," he said.
More people appeared as he spoke.
"Are you here to stop me?" I asked.
"No, to witness."
Proud, I turned back to my machine, then heard a whisper:
"This bit is hilarious!"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

So now that has proven that she's not at all "dumb", the right wingers have moved on to claiming that people behind the scenes are writing everything for her including, apparently, near-real-time Twitter responses.

I've seen enough claims of that on Twitter in the last 24 hours that i have to wonder: who gave them that idea?

This is on display in the WV Capitol sponsored by the state Republican Party.

Anyone who would create and display such a thing in a seat of government, or condone doing so, has no place in the government of a free country.

Also: these bastards are going to get someone killed.

This is *incredibly* smart politics in the current state of affairs.

People who think she's "dumb" or is going to be a flash in the pan are going to be very surprised for years to come.

Finally getting to watching New Who.
Tonight in : S4ep15, The Next Doctor and a bourbon barrel aged version of an old favorite.

Harper to the Phillies, 13y/$330M. Full no-trade clause and no opt-out.

My take: Probably a good deal for the Phils. They're basically paying for 3.1 WAR/season for 13 years. For the first 7 seasons, Harper has averaged a little over 5.

He'll be a bargain for the Phils for the first half of the contract, overpaid for the second, but a good deal overall.

*Assuming* his career isn't severely limited by injury.

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