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Pinned post Powerful film to send to your "normie" friends to rouse their sensibilities about the civil liberties /privacy issue being exploited under the guise of the Scamdemic

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#ReinerFuellmich #CoronaInvestigativeCommittee Session 57: "Under pressure"

featuring an English voiceover by professional interpreter Matthias Heine.

NEW podcast - Journalist @samhusseini joins the podcast to discuss the recent mainstream shift regarding the “lab leak” theory and Gain of Function in general and what the “newly allowed” mainstream coverage is leaving out and covering up.

Cast Iron Cornbread made with buttermilk, raw honey, and a bit of cayenne pepper. It's almost too delicious to believe, my friend[s].

Did you know that you can convert your lawn into an organic garden to help you both save money on groceries and help feed the hungry in your local communities?

Based and Grimey Ol' Limey 

Senior citizen, seeing the canoodling at the G7, decides that Covid-19 is low risk and removes mask mandate signs in the London Underground while himself being fully unmasked.

You know what he is likely gunna get?
-An arrest, ticket or police visit.

You know what he is *not* likely gunna get?
Based old limey.mp4


Did you know there is no legal official document announcing pandemic?
It doesn't exist. We know why.

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