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Pinned post Powerful film to send to your "normie" friends to rouse their sensibilities about the civil liberties /privacy issue being exploited under the guise of the Scamdemic

Pinned post Music used to be punk rock. Now it's a bunch of sellouts telling you to wear a face diaper or telling you to let Big Pharma inject their poison into your arm. Fuck every one of them.

Remember when gays used to be outspoken against Big Harma? Pepperidge Farm remembers. I guess now they've got the gays in their back pocket to peddle their genetic experiment swill to the masses. What a disgrace.

Time for a Jungle Bird. Fresh pineapple juice because that’s how I roll. Happy Saturday NA frens.

Think you've heard the full story on Epstein's and Maxwell's intelligence ties, or even the full story on the Epstein-Clinton relationship?

You can pre-order my book One Nation Under Blackmail directly from Trine Day here:

Taiwan is not a country. Chinese people do not want the US meddling in their affairs. There's nothing good that can come out of trying to provoke both China and Russia simultaneously.
In a rational world this man and all his co-conspirators would be facing a tribunal for warcrimes.

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