Share of teens who say social media makes them feel more…

👍 Included 71%
👎 Excluded 25%

👍 Confident 69%
👎 Insecure 26%

"All of The Platforms™, whether search or social, face issues about surfacing vaccine mis- and disinformation, and we’re supposed to be filling the data voids with helpful, accurate information to counter the anti-vaxxers. But it’s not only on the conspiracy edges where the media runs into trouble covering health news and research."

Civil, an ambitious and idealistic venture to nurture journalism startups, will “relaunch” Wednesday. The confusing and hard-to-execute sale of blockchain tokens that crashed the first try at a takeoff last fall has been much simplified.

How can newsrooms make sure they reflect the of the communities they serve? @CJR visited 10 news orgs across the country to examine why representation matters in .

Relatively few Americans (28%) trust major technology companies to consistently do what is right

“Newspapers teach you how to write concisely and organize your ideas and thoughts and get to the heart of an issue. For broadcast, the challenge is to take that and make it conversational and relatable. This partnership is the extension of that.”

"The most urgent of all, without question, is that people who work for news organizations must be representative of the communities they serve. There is simply no other issue more critical to resilient, trustworthy journalism."

Poll: How does the public think journalism happens? Example stat: 60% of respondents think that journalists are sometimes or very often paid by their sources.


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