In November 2016 @OTMBrooke spoke w/ @Rob_Richie of @fairvote about how the popular vote could re-draw the political map. Would it squeeze out small states?
No, he said. About 35 states now "really just are spectators to the pres election." Listen here: —@[email protected]

"Face the Racist Nation," our collaboration with @loisbeckett of @GuardianUS (prod. by @Jesse_Brenneman) is a finalist for a Mirror Award: —@[email protected]

RT @loisbeckett: This @GuardianUS/@OntheMedia collaboration, with producer @Jesse_Brenneman, is a finalist for one of this year's Mirror Awards for media coverage: —@o[email protected]

RT @tcote: [email protected]’s skepticism in his 2016 @onthemedia interview with Woke Glenn Beck has aged much better than Woke Glenn Beck. —@[email protected]

Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and Andrew Yang have talked about how universal basic income could solve problems of inequality in America. Historian @rcbregman shares why it’s not a crazy idea. —@[email protected]

@tyizar @OTMBrooke @OTMBrooke is hard at work on a series that we will air in May. We miss her too but it will be worth it we promise! —@[email protected]

Critics of Medicare for All call it a pie-in-the-sky. But employer-based health care is an accident of history says @paulwaldman1. —@[email protected]

From Roosevelt to Truman to Clinton to Obama: the fear of socialism has dominated the conversation about universal healthcare. —@[email protected]

Job Killer! Unaffordable! Socialism! @paulwaldman1 breaks down the rhetoric against Medicare for All. —@[email protected]

A meritocracy sounds so good, so egalitarian. But it’s neither thing and in fact the word was coined as satire.\ —@[email protected]

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