RT @scottjshapiro: I was on @WNYC with the great @Bobosphere talking about the significance of possible Trump pardons t.co/7IolMbkzfk —@[email protected] twitter.com/onthemedia/status/

RT @ChrisAldrich: As bad as Facebook is, there are some potential second and multiple-order effects to be careful of when considering breaking them up or heavily regulating them.
Thanks @onthemedia! t.co/FZp0CSd9z7 —@[email protected] twitter.com/onthemedia/status/

Listen to @AdamWeinstein on the unofficial Fox News campaign to push the president to pardon convicted and accused war criminals. t.co/bomXGr8BYi —@[email protected] twitter.com/onthemedia/status/

What the push to pardon alleged war criminals tells us about how America sees itself (w/ @scottjshapiro): t.co/tQyrKUG1gp —@[email protected] twitter.com/onthemedia/status/

Where is the push for pardoning war criminals coming from? @Bobosphere talks with @AdamWeinstein t.co/3GQhAYSBqr —@[email protected] twitter.com/onthemedia/status/

Pentagon Papers-era @nytimes Former General Counsel James Goodale says the DOJ has been waiting for this moment for almost 50 years: t.co/FCnZ0X6xHa —@[email protected] twitter.com/onthemedia/status/

RT @EvanSernoffsky: BREAKING: San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott concedes raid on journalist was wrong — ‘I’m sorry’ t.co/uXbyQprH1T —@[email protected] twitter.com/onthemedia/status/

Show’s up! The disastrous Julian Assange indictment, Fox News's fight for military pardons w/ @AdamWeinstein, the Navy’s pursuit of leaks w/ @andrewtilghman and the American philosophy of war w/ @scottjshapiro. t.co/OLpX9yUS4Q —@[email protected] twitter.com/onthemedia/status/

RT @katehinds: Facebook won't remove doctored Pelosi video because "we don't have a policy that stipulates that the information you post on Facebook must be true." t.co/QdbEGCOEaO —@[email protected] twitter.com/onthemedia/status/

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RT @jayrosen_nyu: I can think of no existing term to describe this clip. It's not a news conference, or gaggle. Not a speech, announcement, cabinet meeting, photo op. The enlistment of staff is extra weird. Buck-up-the-boss group therapy session— with press. Best I can do. t.co/VGbPdnvrFu —@[email protected] twitter.com/onthemedia/status/

RT @Bobosphere: A second, very heavy shoe has dropped in the Assange prosecution, and we're on it. Stay tuned for this week's show. t.co/fWJJMUTC8r —@[email protected] twitter.com/onthemedia/status/

Our pod extra this week features antitrust lawyer Michael Lwin of @KoeKoeTech on how sloppy Facebook regulations could hurt people in Myanmar: t.co/gyZls8H60z —@[email protected] twitter.com/onthemedia/status/

Folks, big newsletter this week about @instagram. Featuring: @TaylorLorenz, @dusttodigital, @ottolenghi, and of course @OTMBrooke: t.co/6lSKei4Tqn t.co/uARYXVvfQJ —@[email protected] twitter.com/onthemedia/status/

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