RT @JoelBordeaux: New ⁦@onthemedia⁩ tackles bad religion takes on likely SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett. t.co/rFmRHmzCjA —@[email protected] twitter.com/onthemedia/status/

RT @CaseyNewton: I’m ready to find out.

I’ve started a tiny publication whose mission is to explore the intersection of tech platforms and democracy with independence, grit, and open mind.

It’s called @platformer, and you can sign up at t.co/7BNnnSL7K5 —@[email protected] twitter.com/onthemedia/status/

RT @maxnesterak: BREAKING: American Public Media CEO Jon McTaggart will step down. In an email to some 645 employees today, APMG Board Chair Mary Brainerd wrote, "Jon has asked the board to begin the search for the next CEO of this great organization." —@[email protected] twitter.com/onthemedia/status/

RT @JuliaAngwin: Journalism is supposed to afflict the comfortable.

So we built an app for that.

Introducing Blacklight – a privacy tool that lets you scan any website and see how you are being surveilled. Built by the incomparable @suryamattu.

t.co/AmoDqBB7gM —@[email protected] twitter.com/onthemedia/status/

@RottenInDenmark explains what “child sex trafficking” actually means. (It’s not what you’ve read about on posters in airports.)
t.co/3jrFbKsarM —@[email protected] twitter.com/onthemedia/status/

RT @Malicae: @onthemedia Listening now - appreciated the reference to @Marketplace early on in the episode t.co/ULYHnW0Iw0 —@[email protected] twitter.com/onthemedia/status/

Which matters for the outcome of the election: Undulating polls in Florida, or a court decision effectively disenfranchising more than 700,000 Floridians? t.co/aS4QkYHvoA —@[email protected] twitter.com/onthemedia/status/

RT @JACKCSPR: reposting this in memory of Ruth Bader Ginsberg - "No Way Are They Going To Do This To Struck" t.co/bHFHgHmw24 via @onthemedia —@[email protected] twitter.com/onthemedia/status/

How an independent French film critiquing the sexualization of children became mired in accusations of the very same thing. (w/ @Knibbs) t.co/z1JIEuuom3 —@[email protected] twitter.com/onthemedia/status/

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