Teens have mixed views on social media's effect on people their age; many say it helps them connect with others, some express concerns about bullying t.co/NOPsDHlEtp t.co/XHz17VKNk3 —@[email protected] twitter.com/pewinternet/status

Social media platforms and messaging apps - most notably, Facebook and WhatsApp - are widely used in the 11 emerging and developing nations we surveyed t.co/rAaonWJ2l8 t.co/sOKtd5tqlj —@[email protected] twitter.com/pewinternet/status

8-in-10 Americans say using gene editing to make a baby more intelligent would be taking medical technology too far t.co/xxkq4SCWxa t.co/cwKDOFrVyI —@[email protected] twitter.com/pewinternet/status

Legislators' Facebook audiences 'liked' posts that opposed political figures more than posts that didn't take sides t.co/0LRZu6pIvI t.co/Iyghuunjqc —@[email protected] twitter.com/pewinternet/status

In seven of 11 developing countries surveyed, half or more people say technology has made people more accepting of those who have different views than they do t.co/NfW8enoxRN t.co/cOdiIqHYgj —@[email protected] twitter.com/pewinternet/status

The prevailing view in 11 emerging economies is that mobile phones, the internet and social media have amplified politics in both positive and negative ways – simultaneously making people more empowered politically and potentially more exposed to harm t.co/gTPARvLI2A t.co/h3xTx8ETxL —@[email protected] twitter.com/pewinternet/status

Publics in Emerging Economies Worry Social Media Sow Division, Even as They Offer New Chances for Political Engagement t.co/gTPARvLI2A t.co/HWAAS7YH0L —@[email protected] twitter.com/pewinternet/status

About 6-in-10 U.S. teens have been bullied or harassed online, and a similar share says it’s a major problem for people their age t.co/ZCrsNunEbp —@[email protected] twitter.com/pewinternet/status

Automated Twitter accounts post the vast majority of tweeted links to popular news and current events sites that do not offer original reporting t.co/3XtXJOIZFY t.co/d5TIqMELaA —@[email protected] twitter.com/pewinternet/status

Predictions from experts about artificial intelligence and the future of humans, from @pewresearch and @ImagineInternet. t.co/15ytf0a1Pt t.co/o1NTwpZfdA —@[email protected] twitter.com/pewinternet/status

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