Social media platforms and messaging apps - most notably, Facebook and WhatsApp - are widely used in the 11 emerging and developing nations we surveyed —@[email protected]

Nonwhites consistently voice greater concern than whites about the magnitude of a variety of problems in their community, including access to high-speed internet —@[email protected]

RT @allanfromen: @pewresearch Good old Juno was my access to the web and my first email address. Used via an awesome Gateway computer that got me through grad school. Good times. —@[email protected]

RT @archiviststan: I remember using AOL as a 4 year old on a desktop my dad used his college loans to buy. He said he couldn’t get ahead in American without a computer/connectivity

RT @mattman1624: @pewresearch Ooh... It was probably at my dad's office during his office Christmas party in 1994? I think I looked up websites dedicated to comic books.
—@[email protected]

RT @KnowMgr_Hunter: @pewresearch was with Prodigy. I was in grad school and an early user/tester in St Louis circa 1989. I remember ordering groceries - pickup ($4.95) or delivery ($9.95) and loving it. Switched to GEnie when I graduated and moved - no Prodigy available in the new town. —@[email protected]

RT @vszabo: @pewinternet was messaging with my BITNET account in Jesup at @WilliamsCollege in 1986. Let me TELL you more about it sometime... —@[email protected]

RT @literally_tara: It was 1995 and I was in sixth grade. I used AOL to send emails to my friends from school. I also found a bunch of pictures of No Doubt to print and put up on my walls. —@[email protected]

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