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RT @brookeauxier: "A majority of U.S. adults can answer fewer than half the questions correctly on a digital knowledge quiz, and many struggle with certain cybersecurity and privacy questions," via @pewinternet @pewresearch —@[email protected]

RT @pewresearch: NEW: Americans’ understanding of technology-related issues varies greatly depending on the topic, term or concept. A majority of U.S. adults can correctly answer questions about phishing scams or website cookies, but other items are more challenging. —@[email protected]

In seven of 11 developing countries surveyed, half or more people say technology has made people more accepting of those who have different views than they do —@[email protected]

Younger Facebook users are much more likely than older users to have recently adjusted their privacy settings or deleted Facebook app from their phone —@[email protected]

Predictions from experts about artificial intelligence and the future of humans, from @pewresearch and @ImagineInternet. —@[email protected]

Members of Congress and technology leaders are rated lower in empathy, transparency and ethics; public gives higher scores to military leaders, public school principals and police officers —@[email protected]

Teens have mixed views on social media's effect on people their age; many say it helps them connect with others, some express concerns about bullying —@[email protected]

RT @ElisaShearer: Most Americans say that social media companies favor some news orgs over others.

When asked what news organizations they think are favored, majorities say those with sensational content, a lot of social media followers, or partisan coverage.

Report: —@[email protected]

Those who use smartphones are more likely than those who use less sophisticated phones or no phones at all to regularly interact with people from different religious groups —@[email protected]

In the first week of 2019, English-language YouTube videos from popular channels that mentioned “Fortnite,” “prank,” or “worst” in their title received more than five times as many views as other videos —@[email protected]

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