In Today’s News: Chris Wallace expresses disappointment in Tuesday’s debate, viewership for first presidential debate of 2020 down from 2016

Partisan differ in views on whether censorship, misinformation, and harassment are "very big problems" with news on YouTube: Reps are more concerned about censorship, demonetization and bias, but Dems are more concerned about misinformation and harassment —@[email protected]

In Today’s News:
- Pundits respond negatively to first debate
- Biden campaign presses Facebook for election disinformation
- A look at two digital newspapers hitting key targets

Tuning into the ?

You can access data through our data tool on what American perceive and hear about topics on the agenda tonight such as COVID-19, vote by mail, and recent protests over racial inequality: —@[email protected]

Who are the Americans who get news on YouTube?

Compared with U.S. adults overall, they are more likely to be young and male, and less likely to be White. —@[email protected]

In Today’s News:
- Story about Trump's tax returns covered widely by news outlets
- Verizon attempts to sell HuffPost
- New research about the news found on YouTube

When asked about potential concerns with getting news on YouTube – including misinformation, political bias, and censorship – no more than three-in-ten YouTube news consumers say these are “very big” problems. —@[email protected]

RT @gottfriedjeff: ⚡️NEW⚡️ In December 2019, independent YouTube channels covered conspiracy theories related to QAnon much more frequently than news organizations channels, according to an analysis of videos published by the 100 most viewed channels. —@[email protected]

Popular YouTube news channels are those that had at least 100k subscribers in November 2019 (N=377). More on methodology: —@[email protected]

🚨NEW🚨 Many Americans Get News on YouTube, Where News Organizations and Independent Producers Thrive Side by Side —@[email protected]

In Today’s News:
- Los Angeles Times addresses history of racism
- Google to ban election ads after Election Day to limit misinformation
- The New York Times offers background for its investigation of Trump tax documents

There are gaping differences between Democrats and Republicans on whether Trump has been delivering the right or wrong message about the coronavirus outbreak to the country. —@[email protected]

Democrats and Republicans share an awareness of the recent debates surrounding mail-in ballots, but they disagree on any connection to voter fraud —@[email protected]

Majority of Americans disapprove of Trump’s COVID-19 messaging, though large partisan gaps persist —@[email protected]

About four-in-ten Republicans who have heard of the QAnon conspiracy theories say QAnon is a good thing for the country —@[email protected]

In Today’s News:
- Daily Caller reporters arrested while covering Louisville protests
- Facebook removes Russian networks tied to intel services
- Reporter arrested in Los Angeles will not be charged after a viral video of her arrest spreads

News fatigue is more widespread among the least engaged political news consumers.

Use our data tool here to explore other news media habits and 2020 election related findings: —@[email protected]

In Today's News: American Public Media CEO to step down amid frustration regarding racial and gender equity, the administration proposes weakening section 230’s protections of social media companies

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