In Today's News: DOJ accuses Assange of violating Espionage Act, doctored videos of political figures on social media, Gatehouse Media lays off 200 journalists

Americans with high news interest are somewhat more likely to correctly identify factual statements, but no more likely to do so for opinions. —@[email protected]

RT @GalenStocking: Men appear twice as often as women in pictures news outlets post on Facebook, according to great new research from @onyilam @stefanjwojcik @aghpol @briboder —@[email protected]

RT @aghpol: NEW from the @pewresearch Data Labs team: @onyilam, @stefanjwojcik, @bribroder and I examined thousands of news images posted by 17 national outlets on Facebook last year. We found that men appeared much more than women in these images. —@[email protected]

While most Americans expect national news stories to be accurate, most also say news organizations cover up mistakes. —@[email protected]

Media headlines: SF police defend search of Carmody's home by citing conspiracy, Avaaz finds far-right propaganda on Facebook, Google changes policy to block misinfo by anti-abortion groups

The positions are for 12-18 months and include:
- Senior Researcher
- User experience specialist
- Survey Research Methodologist —@[email protected]

Pew Journalism is hiring! We are excited to start a new project exploring Americans' news habits

Since 2016, those who prefer to watch their news are now slightly more likely to also prefer to get their news online. —@[email protected]

Daily Briefing: SF officials criticize raid of journalist's home, @BostonGlobe's online subscribers surpass its print ones, a look at how news orgs are covering the 2020 election

Republicans and Democrats were more likely to see factual and opinion statements as factual when they favor their side – even if they were opinions. —@[email protected]

In Today's News:
- Pentagon reporters face low
access amid escalating tensions.
- Steve Kroft to retire.
- A look at Finland's fight against

RT @pewmethods: At 11 AM, Senior Researcher @gottfriedjeff will present the “dos and don’t’s” of administrating a survey-based quiz. attendees: take our quiz about factual and opinion news statements yourself: —@[email protected]

RT @pewresearch: Pew Research Center is hiring a UX specialist to work on digital projects. If you've got experience with user-centered design

What are the local news dynamics in your city? Find out with our new interactive tool! Results are available for 99 individual communities across the U.S. —@[email protected]

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