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In Today’s News: Altered video of Biden speech tweeted by Trump, labeled manipulated by Twitter, The New York Times and Facebook announce augmented reality reporting project

Americans’ awareness of a collection of conspiracy theories about the government known as QAnon has roughly doubled since March to nearly half of U.S. adults, but most who have heard of the theories say they’ve only heard a little. —@[email protected]

Republicans who rely only on news sources with right-leaning audiences are much more likely than the rest of the GOP to see voter fraud as a major problem with voting by mail —@[email protected]

NEW: As the nation heads toward Election Day in the midst of a pandemic, our latest survey finds deep partisan divides on vote-by-mail and other uncertainties surrounding the presidential election. —@[email protected]

In Today’s News: Justice department orders AJ to register as foreign agent, Miami Herald editors launch investigation into anti-Semetic inserts

Excerpts from Bob Woodward’s new book in which President Donald Trump expresses deeper concern about the dangers of COVID-19 than he was publicly conveying at the time have thrust Trump’s messaging on the pandemic back into the campaign spotlight. —@[email protected]

🚨NEW🚨 Majority of Americans disapprove of Trump’s COVID-19 messaging, though large partisan gaps persist —@[email protected]

In Today’s News:
- TV news channels have focused less on Trump's rallies in 2020
- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette workers move closer to strike
- ViacomCBS sells CNET Media

In Today's News:
- Video shows police arresting an LA reporter with visible credentials
- Media access to disaster areas varies by state
- BBC radio reporters will be removed and asked to re-apply

When it comes to following news about the 2020 candidates — men, older people and college grads are among those following most closely —@[email protected]

While most Americans are negative about the control social media companies have over the news people see, Republicans are more likely than Democrats to express this control produces a worse mix of news. —@[email protected]

Partisan affiliation, education, and other demographic characteristics play a role in the belief that there is some truth in the conspiracy theory that COVID-19 was planned —@[email protected]

In Today’s News:
- Twitter expands misinformation rules around election results
- Pentagon reverses order to close Stars and Stripes
- Meredith explores options for split

Many Americans want to follow news organizations that share their own views and have friendly and warm journalists —@[email protected]

In Today’s News: Woodward defends withholding COVID-19 details from Trump interview for new book, CNN claims it unknowingly aired altered image from Biden campaign

In Today’s News: China accuses Australia of raiding journalists' homes, the attorney hired to probe VOA's coverage has active protective order against him

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