I’ve been away for so long, not knowing where I belong. I feel alienated from most social groups. One day this might end...

I've been a bit quiet of late but I am still alive! Just been to my second ever gaming convention in Melbourne PAX was a blast and made some good connections this year.

So not only was it the this weekend but my review of F1 2019 went live - digitalchumps.com/f1-2019

Feeling old and stuck, maybe, just maybe I'll figure this life out before I'm 40

Going to make a commitment to sorting personal from here on in. I know it's not going to be easy but it needs to be done. I've a lot to be thankful for lately but it's been hard to see.

What are you today?

So finally completed the setup of the new servers in Sydney, time now to do the same in Canberra.

Taking some time out in the snowy mountains. Good food tonight, snowboarding tomorrow!

In this week's Take 5 from Jump Dash Roll: Amazon's worklife is more like a game, the Playdate arrives with an interesting claim, and the Ouya is dead (but is that a shame?).


Disappointed with how our recent Australian election went. It seems the future is just that, the future with no concern for how we need to act on it now.

That said, Labor made it is for the Liberals by effectively allowing them to campaign on them taking money from your hip pocket.

If only there was a section of society who pay little to no tax that we could close the loopholes on...

In this week's Take 5 from JDR: Did Bethesda knowingly plagiariase? Is China Nintendo's ultimate prize? And is Riot Games' latest move really that wise?


I sometimes wonder about the thought processes of others. I spend the last few months getting a new fibre line into one of our offices during which time the staff there have repeatedly complained about the line speed.

Finally have the go ahead to switch over and they force me to wait and never called me back. If they do much as mention slow speeds tomorrow I'm tempted to make them wait even longer.

Good morning everyone! I'm a reviewer for Jump Dash Roll and a full-time ICT manager in Trying my best to make journalism my full-time gig but at the same time making sure I support my family. I'm also into and a big fan of very happy to be here and look forward to sharing my views and my works as well as engaging in the wider network.


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