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In Nantes, protesters try and get into government buildings as France rises against Macron's tyrannical covid passport. @Chas

Thousand on the streets of Marseille as France rises against Macron's tyrannical covid passport requirements, trying to force experimental vaccines on the people! @Chas

🇫🇷 More from France

💥BREAKING🚨: Demonstrations ERUPT across France over Macron's plans to make jabs mandatory for Care Home Staff and potentially everyone.

Tear gas has been fired with these scenes in Paris. It appears there is an MSM blackout. @Chas

Government buildings being surrounded in many parts of France this evening as protesters rise across the country against Macron's tyrannical covid passports! @Chas

45 Year Old John Hopkins Hospital Employee Dies After Reaction To Mandatory Covid Shot

“Robin had a reaction from the covid shot”. Robin was not breathing and was on a ventilator in ICU according to her mother.

Iona also made mention in her post that Robin needed the shot to start her new job.

Unfortunately due to heart issues and brain swelling from the reaction, Robin did not recover.

#DotardVax #DotardNews

Dr Erice Ménat:

🔴"People dying of Covid-19 are people with diseases, fragilities, serious amenities"

🔴"People dying of the Covid-19 vaccination are people in perfect health.”

🔴 "les gens qui meurent du Covid-19 sont des personnes qui ont des maladies, des fragilités, des commodités graves"

🔴 "Les gens qui meurent de la vaccination Covid-19 sont des personnes en parfaite santé"

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