1996 Melavalavu massacre convicts released

Wht hapned in 1996?

When Melavalavu, in Madurai in TN was declared a panchayat reserved for SC in Oct 1996 local body polls, Caste Hindus triggered agitation and violence, following which the polls were called off.

Finaly, elections held in Dec 1996. Murugesan was elected as the presidt. In June 1997, when Murugesan and 5 othrs were returning to their vilage, caste waylaid and hacked them to death.

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Rajiv Gandhi assassination case: Convict AG Perarivalan has been released on parole for 30 days from Vellore Central Prison due to his father's poor health.

Recalling the nightmare that she lived for years toiling in a brick kiln, Kala says they were forced to work for almost 20 hours a day.

“We would wake up at 2 o’clock in the morning and start mixing the sand with water. With no breaks until 1 in the afternoon for an hour, we would again start working,” Kala says, adding tht work would go on till 10 pm.

“While we slogged, the kids were asked to take the dried bricks and demould them,” Kala adds.

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After BJP and Shiva Sena, now NCP gets the governor's invkte to form the government in Maharashtra

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JNU students protest vigorously against VC. Protest against fees flowing on campus.

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Schools declared holiday in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka and Jharkhand.

Section 144 CrPC imposed in Bengaluru from morning 7am till mid night 12am. Social media will be strictly monitored. Liquor shops will be closed for a day.

Ayodhya case judgement: Karnataka Government has declared holiday for schools and colleges across the State on Saturday(Tomorrow)

Kerala DGP Lokanath Behera held video conferencing with the district police chiefs regarding the Ayodhya judgement day. Social media posts would be under the scanner of the cyber cell team, KL police warns people.

Tamil Nadu State police to monitor all the social media posts. Police would initiate tough action against people who spread rumors regarding the Ayodhya Judgement.

SC to pronounce its verdict in Ayodhya case tomorrow at 10.30am.


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