Welcome to our new members from India! Be sure to post an and possibly use the hashtag so you can find each other!

@editor Not able to login using my mail id from home page. It doesn't recognise my mail id. I have logged in using my profile url sent on mail. Kindly advise.

@prashant Check your account settings inside Masthead/Mastodon to make sure the email address is correct. It may also be that your email address needs to be verified, but if the link works already, that would likely already be the case.


@editor Now realized that I am on masthead.social and not on mastodon.social. Hope I can interact with people from other servers.

@prashant Yes, you can transparently interact with users of any Mastodon server as if they are local to you. You can also sign up for accounts on other servers if you like. Open, federated, a little messy... just the way we like it. No "verified" badges, however.

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