Why Trump is tweeting more; Frum's point; Pelley's view; the attention economy; the dumbfake challenge; 'Aladdin' at No. 1; 'Avengers' milestone mailchi.mp/cnn/rs-may-26-2019

Weekend reading; Facebook exec speaks; Assange fallout; Holzhauer milestone; The Markup update; 'Aladdin' in theaters; Sonic delay mailchi.mp/cnn/rs-may-24-2019

Pelosi smeared; Trump on defense; new Assange charges; 'dire threat to journalists;' Weinstein deal; GateHouse layoffs; podcast with Paul Rieckhoff mailchi.mp/cnn/rs-may-23-2019

Cover-up claims; Thursday’s front pages; Times book deals; Lowry’s ‘Aladdin’ review; ‘Love Island’ update; interview with Ev Williams mailchi.mp/cnn/rs-may-22-2019

Impeachment pressure; Cuomo's take; Mueller's silence; the power of 'The View;' new fallout in Georgia; Tarantino's Cannes premiere mailchi.mp/cnn/rs-may-21-2019

San Francisco outrage; Trump questions Fox; Hegseth lobbies for accused war criminals; right-wing media slams Amash; Maddow's next book; 'GOT' ratings mailchi.mp/cnn/rs-may-20-30778

'Thrones' is over; Holzhauer is back; Buttigieg on Fox; week ahead calendar; Alabama's front pages; Kroft's sign-off; 'SNL' season finale mailchi.mp/cnn/rs-may-19-2019

Info overload; Kroft's retirement; Trump's treason talk; weekend guide; recommended reads; CBS eyeing Starz; 'Thrones' goodbye mailchi.mp/cnn/rs-may-17-2019

Manipulating Facebook; Trump's love of Twitter; The Atlantic's next cover; Mika's book party; Reilly's renewal; new info about Britney Spears' health mailchi.mp/cnn/rs-may-16-2019

Democrat No. 23; Trump's newest pardon; Mueller Report's sales; Wolff's rollout; the W.H. podium is collecting dust; 'Big Bang' finale preview mailchi.mp/cnn/rs-may-15-2019

Facebook's change; Warren's move against Fox; Kimmel's jabs; Hulu's future; ESPN's gamble; Wednesday's upfronts; Stern and Gross speak mailchi.mp/cnn/rs-may-14-2019

Trump's Fox alternative; Howard Stern's book; Discovery's Golf Digest deal; Apple's updated TV app; upfront takeaways; comparing Veep and Thrones mailchi.mp/cnn/rs-may-13-2019

Broadcast TV's future; 'Thrones' finale trailer; Nick Clegg interview; Kudlow's admission; Manning's plan; 'Veep' finale; week ahead calendar mailchi.mp/cnn/rs-may-12-2019

Keeping up with the Trumps; subpoena wars; Toobin's latest; Glor's sign-off; Facebook's founder feud; recommended reads; upfronts preview mailchi.mp/cnn/rs-may-10-2019

The leak hunt; Trump's ghostwriter; Murdoch's pitch; Perino's advice; Comey's concern; Instagram's change; Netflix's purchase; 'Veep' countdown mailchi.mp/cnn/rs-may-9-2019

Stern's confession; Nadler's argument; Vice's disappointment; Glor's future; Warren's TIME cover; 'Watchmen' trailer; remembering Robert Pear mailchi.mp/cnn/rs-may-8-2019

Trump's losses; Wednesday's front page; Wray's warning; Disney's lineup; Court TV's return; Reporters Committee's honorees; 'SVU' milestone mailchi.mp/cnn/rs-may-7-2019

Breaking news from Myanmar; Mueller's silence; Zuckerberg's groups; Amazon's new idea; Trebek's speech; CNN's new office; Met Ball highlights mailchi.mp/cnn/rs-may-6-19

Trump and Infowars; Mueller mystery; Avengers tops Titanic; CBS makes changes; Ben Shapiro interview; 'Chernobyl' on HBO; week ahead calendar mailchi.mp/cnn/rs-may-5-2019

'Enemy of the people' poll; new Trump tweets; Moore coverage; weekend reads; Emilia Clarke's advice; Lowry's reviews; 'Jeopardy!' update mailchi.mp/cnn/rs-may-3-2019

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