Climate crisis coverage; debate ratings; Iger leaves Apple board; Lahren apologizes; Fahrenthold asks for help; the end of MoviePass; weekend reads

EARLY edition: ABC debate preview; CBS sued; Rush's screw-up; Fox's change; Google's tweaks; Facebook's announcements; 'Hustlers' reviewed

Trump's storm; Dems and fact-checking; Bolton fallout; Thursday planner; WaPo ends Express; Viacom and Miramax; Lopez and Fallon

Bolton's next move; 9/11 anniversary; CNN's new poll; MBS confronted over Khashoggi's murder; BI's GOP debate; Apple's big day; The Rock's new venture

War on truth; Sciutto's scoop; Apple event preview; Google under scrutiny; activist challenges AT

Six big books out this week; sixteen hours; Monday's front page story; The Atlantic's next cover; week ahead calendar; 'IT' at the box office

Your tax dollars at work; Trump's wasted week; Spotify's news expansion; NFL kickoff ratings; MIT Media Lab scandal; weekend reads; box office preview

Trump's obsession; Dorian's path; NPR's new CEO; Amazon's big error; Mattis and Tapper; donating Pulitzer money; Patty Jenkins to Netflix

Trump's map flap; CNN's town hall; WSJ's new hire; Quibi's loss; ESPN the Magazine's final issue; YouTube's fine; 'chaos voters'

Karem's victory; The Post's message; Telemundo's Trump doc; Brown's book deal; Stankey's promotion; Bloomberg's awful story; Lizzo's milestone

Trump and Dorian; 'worst case scenario' for Bahamas; Pompeo traveling without press; Mattis book launch; Conan in Greenland; fall season preview

Dorian updates; fall 2019 preview; big media and tech events; key premieres; Trump's lost summer; Brian Karem interview; summer box office lessons

Category 4 Dorian; China boots WSJ; ESPN's next digital show; Jeffrey Goldberg podcast; Jack hacked; Tamron speaks; Vice cuts back; RIP Valerie Harper

Biden's problem; Dorian's path; ABC's debate; Trebek's return; two news universes; Trump dodges Kilmeade; 1619 draws crowds; holiday weekend viewing

Destroy the truth; Lawrence retracts story; more Halperin fallout; Facebook's new ad rules; Carreyrou leaving WSJ; NRA slams NRATV; 'Joker' trailer

Trump v. Axios; Dem debate drama; GOP primary preview; Karem in court; Beto v. Breitbart; 'GMA' tops 'Today;' Conan in Greenland; 'SNL' changes

Taylor Swift zings White House; Karem heads to court; Sanders' media plan; Shafer

New effort to discredit press; Sulzberger's memo; Trump at G7; Trump's instability; April Ryan breaks silence; Walsh declares; 'Star Wars' poster

Fox and the trade war; Drudge the outlier; Karem's court date; Sinclair closes deal; G/O Media roasted; McCabe joins CNN; Weekend reads; "Lover" sales

Trump's branding challenge; Drudge's coverage; Sanders joins Fox; News Corp's aggregator; NYT editor on leave; TYT

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