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Investigative journalist, founder: Reporter At large, fellow: Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (RISJ), Oxford University, Alumna: Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), St Xavier's College (Kolkata), Fojo Media Institute (Linnaeus University). Winner: Kurt Schork Memorial Award, United Nations Correspondents Award, ICRC-PII Award etc. Research Scholar: AJK Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia. Dog mom, coffee addict, bookworm. Cheers!

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Would love to hear your views about online safety, political/problematic content on social media (my research topic). If you are a dog parent, you are my best friend!

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Soma Basu boosted @sbasu writes how toxic social media is pushing the Indian right-wing to spawn terrorists within its ranks. Here’s a case study of the Jamia Millia shooter, Rambhakt Gopal, whose brain has been washed and heart filled with hate.

#mustread #RWTerror

I had joined over 140 WhatsApp groups (both private & public) in Nov 2018 to understand the extent of Islamophobic hate speech on WhatsApp. Several of these groups were run by BJP's IT cell (messages from 'prashashanik committee').

More 60,000 messages collected over a period of 5 months show every fourth message in these WhatsApp groups are Islamophobic hate speech. This excludes political disinformation & non-religious propaganda. (

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But they tag along and used when a freak attack is planned. They do not have formal association so cannot be traced back to the party. It only needs a little bit of digging to see how Gangadhar is Shaktiman.

The article on Rambhakt is not just about what he posted but the network he was embedded in. Back to Kapil Gujjar, 1) These fanatics have access to guns, 2) They stay closer to police and the crowd, 3) They all want Hindu Rashtra.

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There are thousands of "radicalised youths" in India right now. Three attacks in a week and you never know when and how these minions like RambhaktG and Kapil Gurjar brainwashed systematically on social media take up arms.

I was lucky to get enough time with the Facebook account of RambhaktG before it was taken down. I expose the deep Hindutva nexus he belonged to and the people he was associated with. These people are not always 'official members' of fringe groups.

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CAA notified, apparently without rules, in the middle of the night. No doubt trying to distract from India Today’s damning sting unmasking ABVP’s role in JNU violence. Only making it worse for themselves.


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Of the 500k undocumented Indians in America (visa overstays mostly,) nearly half are reportedly from Punjab and Haryana. Those are not exactly Bihar & UP but you need a base to even afford the ticket and pay the coyote.

The encounter was not heroism but an act of desperation by the police. Disha's parents had to run from one police station to another, cops said the victim may have eloped. If they had acted faster, Disha would have been alive. It is not Singham-like to kill poor men but to take on powerful politicians who have the audacity to attempt to kill the women right after they step out of jail.

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Looks like the data protection bill is being introduced in the parliament during the winter session. Now what form it will be introduced as and what form it will pass through is a separate matter.

Introducing my pupper Sultan The Great. He is the goodest boi.

of send some love & photos of your pets.

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I should bring this thread to a close since I've strayed far from where I started. A quick TLDR:
1. Hero stones are super useful in reconstructing some aspects of Indian military history
2. Both hero-stones and literature from the medieval period favour elites, and rarely centre the experiences of the folks that did most of the dying.
3. Deccani states - even in the 800s - could be quite innovative. War does not tolerate fools.
4. War elephants kick ass.
New thread next week! Gimme attention!🤓

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You can ask me any #digital #security question for today’s office hour from 8pm IST. Use hashtag #securityofficehour and tag me in the question.

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Bad news: Frivolous SLAPP lawsuits chill the speech of underresourced journalists and media activists without a large legal team.

Good news: @iamjohnoliver has a large legal team.

On @LastWeekTonight, he explains how SLAPPs threaten press freedom. —@[email protected]

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@BhavanaVarun True, it seems like an eternal and often pointless struggle. I don't have any insights, really; was just thinking aloud. Many UC people, growing up in their UC worlds, never learn how caste really works (speaking from personal experience). All they know is reservations. I don't know how much efforts like Article 15 have helped, but maybe some sort of campaign is required. Maybe an organised, sustained initiative. Can't see behavioural and attitudinal change happening any other way.

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Hello Academic Tooters (#AcaTooters), as promised, this is my first thread for desi academics (thought not limited to) who want to connect with each other in this new space, and create a virtual support system. Please introduce yourself under here with your name, field, area of research, geographical location (optional). Once we have the thread going, I'll create a list.
Will be also holding future threads on conference, publishing, writing, and other #AcaWoes you can think of.
Boost and tag!

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Step 1: co-opt minority elites (through coercion) who will defer to the majority consensus

Step 2: claim that Muslims are happy with the verdict, and rest are all fools.

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We are getting asked about "verified accounts" quite often recently, so lets try to clear this up: There are no verified accounts on Mastodon like there are on Twitter. Some Mastodon instances have a custom emoji that looks like the verified icon on Twitter and people put that in their display name, probably because it looks fancy. It does not mean anything though.

The Global Burden of Disease study by the U.S.-based Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation said poor diets killed 11 million people - one in five - in 2017, more than smoking, which kills about 8 million people a year. Most vulnerable: Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

Why am I talking so much about the difficulties people who are not white middle class men face? It’s not just because the current situation is morally wrong. It’s because if you change who makes programmes, you change the programmes. If you change you who defines the news agenda, you change the agenda.


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