Has anyone had a chance to go through the Washington Post's Afghanistan Papers series? I've bookmarked it all because it looks like an important, impressive story, but I haven't had a chance to dive in yet.

Story in the Star-Advertiser about the tomahawk steak trend in Hawaii. The writer didn't coin "Flintstonian," but this is the first time I've read it and it cracked me up. Nice use of language. Disagree with some of the writer's other decisions but Flintonian makes up for most of them.


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@editor @scrivener The privacy policy is basically that I save nothing anywhere except in the app. The only backend part is the notifications relay, which only sees web push data, which is end to end encrypted and decrypted inside the app. They go through Apple’s push servers too and they can’t see the contents either, which is a nice bonus on the web push standard.

Tootdon, the Mastodon iOS app I've been using, abruptly announced it was shutting down yesterday. No explanation. I originally selected it based on a Lifehacker recommendation, but a Google search for it just now indicates it may have been tracking users without informing them, according to articles from spring 2018. Time to look for a new app!

Working on the staff newsletter, I solicited some food recommendations from our Big Island offices. Now I'm all misty with nostalgia for college days. Malasadas from Tex Drive In!

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If you meet one asshole a day you met an asshole.

If you meet 15 assholes a day -- You're the asshole.

...and yes, I know I wrote "jail" when I meant "prison." Oh well.

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My former boss is going to jail for up to 30 months. I have seriously mixed feelings about this.


Oh, and last night someone sent me a flyer inviting me to his goodbye party. It says, "See you in 30 months (or less)!" Pretty cute.

Best GoPro video ever: guy puts a GoPro on the conveyor belt in a Japanese sushi restaurant.


"The World Surf League confirmed Monday night that Hawaii surf icon Sunny Garcia is fighting for his life in an intensive care unit at a Portland, Ore., hospital, and it has been widely speculated on the internet that he attempted suicide."

Fricking Star-Ad. I don't know why but I expect more from you. Speculation not merely in the story but in the fricking lede. Stop. It.


Gig economy. EGOT. Garbage time. Some fun additions, plus some new meanings for old words.


All I want every morning when I look at the Star-Advertiser is a new story about the Kealohas. I don't think this is too much to ask.

Criterion Channel launched yesterday. I have to say the selection at first is not as broad as I hoped for, but there’s enough content to keep me busy a while. If this month weren’t Camp NaNoWriMo I’d find time this evening to finally see Rashomon and Sansho the Bailiff.

Little profile I wrote about Maui’s Common Ground Collective, a group founded by alumni of UH Maui’s Sustainable Science Management program. CCG farms idle Maui farmland for the benefit of landowners, charity groups, and the island’s consumers.


MLB dot com's first power rankings are out, and while the top of the list isn't surprising, I find it super interesting that the Braves are at 14, wedged between the Mets and Twins. The NL East is the 2nd-most competitive division in the Majors, and the Braves are excellent but almost surely behind the Nats and Phillies. This could be a thrilling season. :) mlb.com/news/mlb-power-ranking

If I wasn't already deliberately NOT a member of this FB group, I would leave it now. Nobody is in FAVOR of crime, but this rally doesn't offer solutions. It offers blanket statements worded to stir the mob and not to address the real issues. How is this useful beyond adding fervor to the group's already dangerously vigilante, poisonously schadenfreude tone?


Other ideas: buckets of clams with "250,000 clams" written across them, baskets of bread, and a large deer with "50,000 bucks" painted onto its hide?

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